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Welcome to CityBridge Church

The Perfect Place

for Imperfect People


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Life can be hard. Often it can leave us feeling broken at times. In those times we can be left wondering where God is. Jesus said that "He didn't come for the healthy, but for the sick."  Translated for today's world that means He didn't come for those who think that they've got it all together. He came for those who feel their need for something more. 


CityBridge Church is an Online Church that exists to equip people who are wanting to strengthen their relationship with God. Our Online Community is a safe place to learn, grow, and most importantly, love. Our online experiences are dropped each Sunday and are

ON-DEMAND so that you can watch them at your own convenience. Pastor Bobby is also available during the week to give counsel and prayer to those needing it

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When we get baptized, we tell the world about our relationship with Christ. Jesus did it, and it’s an important way we can follow His footsteps

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Growth Track

Growth Track guides you to discover your redemptive purpose and live the life God created for you. 

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We embrace irrational generosity! Tithing as an act of worship to God. When we tithe, we express gratitude, faith, and love for others. We give because we love Him and we love people. Offerings are gifts over and above our tithe.

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