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Levi Richardson
Levi Richardson

Fire Emblem - New Mystery Of The Emblem.nds

Well. This is Japan, and Japan in my opinion isn't notable for fire emblem game sales aside from Fates. (But we all know why that sold more...) tbh, The West is FE's main frontline seller. Not to mention in the end, we shouldn't judge a game's future sales by just the first week alone.

Fire Emblem - New Mystery of the Emblem.nds

I do think the downward trend of fire emblem remakes is a bit concerning given that this one is 9/7 years after the previous remakes, so it's not a matter of franchise remake fatigue. FE11 and 12 had online modes, and as far as I've heard Echoes has none of that. Does JP audience care much about battling armies against other players? I figured this being the closest the series gets to a dungeon crawler RPG would be a considerable draw. 041b061a72


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