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Search Results For AUTOCAD 2016 (26) BEST

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Search results for AUTOCAD 2016 (26)

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This plug-in allows you to search multiple drawings for blocks, texts and/or lines/polylines, grouping and counting them based on their attributes and report the results in a grid that can be sorted and rearranged.

Custom count symbols can be created from markups in the Tool Chest, allowing for a much wider selection of custom appearances to represent quantities on a drawing. These custom counts are available as an option to apply to visual search results.

We systematically searched databases up to February 2016 and included studies of individual or household WTP for health insurance. Two authors appraised the identified studies. We estimated the WTP as a percentage of GDP per capita, and adjusted net national income per capita of each country. We used meta-analysis to calculate WTP means and confidence intervals, and vote-counting to identify the variables that more often affected WTP.

The literature search (conducted in February 2016) included academic and gray literature. The academic thematic databases included Pubmed, Science Direct and Scopus and search engine of Google scholar. The gray literature was searched manually, through citation tracking.

Sometimes it is desirable to make content a little more searchable. Tagging can be used to add any extra piece of meta data to content to enable even better search results and faster searching by end users.

As users find content, use it in their designs or open found documents, HIVE will append their search criteria to enable faster content results in the future. This information is also useful for analyzing user search patterns to enable even better library and content management for HIVE administrators.

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