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Where To Buy Bissell Vacuum Filters

Several Bissell inner foam filters and inner pleated filters are washable and Bissell recommends removing these vacuum filters and washing them once a month. Clean your washable filter by gently scrubbing with warm water and a mild soap such as dish detergent. Rinse the vacuum filter thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before re-installing it in your Bissell vacuum. Some filters will last for 10-12 washings, while others should be replaced after about 6 washings. Always replace a filter if it shows signs of wear or has torn.

where to buy bissell vacuum filters


HEPA filters are generally not washable, but can last slightly longer than a foam filter. HEPA filters are generally responsible for the quality of indoor air expelled by the vacuum. These Bissell vacuum cleaner filters should be changed at least once per year, or more frequently for vacuums used on a daily basis.

Some Bissell Filters are available with Febreze Spring & Renewal scented air-freshening. These filters are great for conquering odors in the home and are ideal for pet owners or those that have the Total Floor Pet Vacuum. Alternatively, Bissell offers vacuum filtration featuring Arm & Hammer power help to eliminate odor and cleanse air while you vacuum your home. The Arm & Hammer Odor Eliminating vacuum filters work best with the Bissell Cleanview II Bagless vacuum, in the 3574/3576 series. These filters are also great for the Bissell Powerforce Bagless in the 6594 series.

Before cleaning any filter, it is best to consult the manufacturer's directions for their specific vacuum filters. If you don't know where the filters are located or what type of filter your model uses, go to the manufacturer's website for cleaning methods and how to order replacement filters. 041b061a72


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