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Cavetown - Rain Lyrics

The two are both singing to a young woman (cavetown as an outside observer; beabadoobee as a prospective partner), telling her to leave her boyfriend and form a relationship with another woman instead.

cavetown - rain lyrics

What I interpreted was that Lemon Boy is the unpopular/weird kid. "It's actually pretty easy being nice to a bitter boy like him" -> the "weird" kids aren't all that different from the othersAs already stated in another interpretation, "bittersweet" because Lemon Boy is most likely depressed and/or has other mental struggles. "But soon his bitter sweet started to rub off on me" Singer's reputation got worse since they're friends with the weird kid. "But what if I run out of fertilizerWhat if the clouds run out of rain?What if Lemon Boy won't grow no longer?What if beaches dry of sugar cane?"-> What if singer can't support Lemon Boy as much as he needs to be supported?"The whales start to beach themselvesTortoise shells tear away from their spinesIt happens all the time, it happens all the time"I think this is self explanatory. What if Lemon Boy commits suicide?"It happens all the time" is said twice - basically a reminder that mental illnesses are very real."Lemon Boy and I, we're gonna live forever"Two theories:1. Lemon Boy commit suicide, but singer won't ever forget him/they will reunite eventually (perhaps heaven?)2. Lemon Boy managed to cope with his struggles and singer is the reason he did, although singer's reputation is ruined ("We're the bitterest boys in town") they'll still stick together until the end.

I think this song is about a boy that has died from a brain tumor and throughout the treatment he suffered from hallucinations of living as a healthy boy, making a friend (the brain tumor) and therefore accepts his eventual death. The lyrics "He was growing in my garden and I pulled him out by his hair like a weed" reference the treatment for the brain tumor, trying to make him well. Eventually the doctors inform the boy and his family that he will not survive much longer so there's no point in more treatment as it will just cause more pain ("so I figured this time I might as well let him be") Talking about the "bittersweet rubbing off on him" is a flashback to the diagnosis. I assume the boy had been having seizures for a while now, likely unnoticeable. Often times if a brain tumor is pressing down on the visual cortex of your brain, it will alter your vision, causing hallucinations. The boy, however, is young and likely thinks this is all fun and games. When the seizures become stronger and his family begins to notice they take him to a doctor. They are the "savory-type" friends and they want to treat him and make him better. They "weren't too keen on compromising with a nice lemon pie" because they didn't want their son to die because of this brain tumor (the lemon pie)This boy is having hallucinations of a friend he has made in his mind, a "Lemon Boy" who he found in his garden. The repeated references to tending for a garden, even in bad weather (the pain) can be seen in two different ways. One, tending to a garden could be the treatment that the boy is going through, since Lemon Boy (brain tumor) was found in the garden, which is a metaphor for the boy's brain. Or, it could mean that the sick boy is preparing mentally for his death and the day he can be with Lemon Boy forever. The bridge lyrics go as such- "But what if I run out of fertilizer" (The treatment and surgeries have proved futile to remove or shrink the tumor)What if the clouds run out of rain (The world around the sick boy has grown dark as all his family is preparing for his death)What if Lemon Boy won't grow no longer (Some part in the treatment, the sick boy has become Lemon Boy, i.e "the bittersweet started to rub off on him" and he has become more of the disease than himself. Lemon Boy won't grow no longer because there is no chance of saving him from death.)What if beaches dry of sugarcane (Sugarcane juice has many beneficial health properties, such as carbohydrate content that is great for brain health)Oh well" (there's nothing anyone can do)"The whales start to beach themselvesThe tortoise shells tear away from their spinesIt happens all the time, it happens all the time"These lyrics really just emphasize the fact that death is so common and that it really does "happen all the time"."Lemon Boy and I, we're gonna live forever"The sick boy has died."Like Snufkin and Little My, we'll get around wherever"Snufkin is often considered "the hero for the shy and the weak and the little" in Moomin, like people who die from cancer/brain tumors/generally from terminal disease are considered heroes.and that's it :)*There could also be multiple other interpretations to this song but this was mine*

I think that lemon boy is a boy with depression and is going through mental and physical struggles. But when Robin meets him he first rejects him, I pulled him out by his hair like a weed. But then he just starts to let him be, but like weeds do he only came back again and grew so I figuried this time I might as well let him be. So he starts getting attached to this lemon boy and helps him with his struggles and find confidence,I helped him plant his seeds well mow the lawn in bad weather. But after much time his problems start to rub off on him and his friends start to reject him. And finally after probably years his problems catch up to lemon boy and he dies from maybe a sickness. So the ending lyrics would explain a lot saying they would live together and they were the bitterest boys in town when he was alive.

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