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Maverick Ross
Maverick Ross

[S14E15] Truth Or Dare

We got thrown a fop in that final hostage scene when JJ agreed to play Casey's game of Truth or Dare since it's tough to talk down a crazy man. Whether her confession of love was the truth or just a timely invention, it gave Reid time to free his hands and grab his ankle piece, putting down the mad dog.

[S14E15] Truth or Dare

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The show has developed a large and dedicated following due to its riveting storylines and amazing cast. Fans of the show love Paget Brewster as the BAU Unit Chief, making her an integral part of the show. With the team working to uncover the truth of the abduction and double homicide, this episode of Criminal Minds is sure to be a nail-biting ride full of twists and turns.

Let's rewind a few months back to Season 14, when JJ and Spencer were both being held at gunpoint while the unsub played a not-so-playful game of truth or dare. JJ picked truth, and the unsub asked her to divulge her deepest secret. 041b061a72


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