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Teens Gone Nude

AZNude has a global mission to organize celebrity nudity from television and make it universally free, accessible, and usable. We have a free collection of nude celebs and movie sex scenes; which include naked celebs, lesbian, boobs, underwear and butt pics, hot scenes from movies and series, nude and real sex celeb videos.

teens gone nude


It seems to be a trend in Hollywood and showbusiness for former Disney or teen TV stars to go wild (and often naked) once turned 18! From singer Britney Spears shaving her head and spotted buck naked at the beach resort, iCarly babe Miranda Cosgrove masturbating to the infamous get wild, be crazy, do drugs, drink beer and flash your titties as much as you can- attitude era of Miley Cyrus. Embrace yourself for the girls gone wild, teen celebrity star edition in our latest top 10. Top 10: Former Disney teen celebs stripping naked Fair is fair, the title is a bit misleading since we won't just cover former Disney girls only. Our top 10 features all former teen celebrities such as Nickelodeon actresses included. Oh well, let's get started with our sexy countdown. At number 10.... 10 - Jennette McCurdy We've recently wrote a blog about the two Nickelodeon teen stars in a (teen star gone nude) face-off between Miss McCurdy and Miranda Cosgrove. Both grown from teen child stars in the Nickelodeon TV show iCarly to being a darn sexy lady, and lucky for us... both iCarly girls got caught naked on camera, woohoo! Click on the photo to view all Jennette McCurdy photos... 9 - Christina Aguilera 8 - Vanessa Hudgens Disney's High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens is our pick at spot number eight. Why? Besides being a total sexy cutie, the recent leaked private candids of Vanessa showed and exposed her kinky side. A side we love to see more often don't we? Rawwwrrrrrrr, look at that topless kitty cat and fapalicious small cute nude titties! Bonus note: a leaked homemade private sex video of teen star Vanessa Hudgens is on Enjoy! 7 - Miranda Cosgrove Just like our number 10 pick, Miranda Cosgrove starred in the Nickelodeon TV hit iCarly. And just like Jennette Mccurdy she got naked as well. However, Miranda went once step beyond Miss McCurdy as she can be seen masturbating and playing with her favorite sex toys. You naughty gal! ;-) 6 - Britney Spears She's not a girl, not yet a woman. Well, atleast back in 2001. The once super popular young (but sexy) Britney Spears, conquered the World by releasing hit song after hit song. Starting out quite innocent (at Disney's Mickey Mouse club) but later her songs and clips got more X-rated (similar to Christina Aguilera who also started out at Disney and released her hit CD's during the same time). From being not yet a girl, not yet a woman... to being a slave. That's our Britney! Guess they sure know how to turn little girls in to total freakin' sexbombs at the Disney company. Well, thank you Mickey f'n Mouse! Britney Spears dancing sexy in the clip of I'm A slave 4 U. Britney Spears leaked blowjob video with her ex boyfriend... Click the image to watch! More Britney Spears nudity? Click here to view all Britney Spears blog posts on our website. 5 - Amanda Bynes Nickelodeon star turned bad! Amanda was quite the hit in her younger years, hosting her own shows at Nickelodeon. Like most former teen or child stars, they slowly grow from good girls to bad girls (and for some reason like to show it off as much to the outside world as possible). Amanda Bynes got infamous mostly for sharing these not so classy half naked selfies on Instagram. Infamous bathroom Instagram selfshots by Amanda Bynes... Amanda Bynes had a little nipple slip (celebrity nip slip) in public and all we can say is... 'NICE'! What a nice pair of hooters she has. Dirty Teen Celebrities! We're half way in our top 10 teen stars that got nude, but before we continue we would like to let you know you should visit Dirty Teen Celebrities websites for a full database of teen celebs topless, naked and leaked sex tapes! The list goes on and on. You'll pretty much find all young and sexy celeb babes (in a naughty way) on their website. Go check them out, or read our

Don't we all love Emma Watson? If only I could make her clothes, bra or undies invisible with some magic spell! Oh wait, turns out we've got tons of nudes starring the former Harry Potter star. Here's our Emma Watson bare naked photo and clips collection.

These chicks love to cosplay your favourite TV series, anime and video game characters! Even better, they also love to strip nude and get all dirty! Imagine having a gamer girl GF which refuses to pu...

Imagine having a library of over 18.650+ hours of nude and kinky celebrity footage and on top of that, over 120.000+ topless and nude photos of the hottest famous babes, ranging from pop stars to Hollywood actresses. From Ariana Grande to Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence, Amber Heard, Lindsay Lohan and many other wild and sexy celebrities. The website BannedSexTape offers the largest collection of celebrity sex tapes on the entire web! Go watch it all, right now!

I am an adult of at least 18 years of age (21 in some areas) and have legal right to possess adult oriented material. I do not object to viewing sexually explicit material, which can include but is not limited to images or video of nude adults and/or other sexually oriented material. I do not live in a community that prohibits the viewing of this material and there are no federal or local laws which prohibit the viewing or possession of adult oriented material. By entering this site I am accepting full responsibility for my actions and herby also release its owners, providers, creators and host from any and all liability.

Back in the days of passing paper notes and talking on corded telephones, a classmate of mine brought to school a nude photo of a young woman cut out of an adult magazine. Once seen by a few peers, the incident quickly mushroomed into full-blown, graphic stories shared during lunch. The news spread around school as fast as things could spread back then, via whispers in class and taps on shoulders in hallways. However, gossip about the incident vanished quickly once the photo was confiscated.

Studies show diverse results. Some studies show that approximately 20 percent of teenagers have sent or received sexually explicit photos. A 2011 study conducted jointly by the Associated Press and MTV found that sexting is far more prevalent among young adults (19 percent) as compared to teens (seven percent).

David Finkelhor, PhD, director of the Crimes Against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire, explains that many of the studies have higher percentages, because they survey teens who are at or beyond the age of consent.

Studies also show that most teens send these photos to their significant others. Parents have long grappled with the problem of teens risking their reputations to attract the attention of another teen.

Now I read that Vanessa Anne Hudgens, who played the role of Gabriella in Disney's "High School Musical" and "High School Musical II," posed nude. In her apology, Hudgens, who is 18, said it was a "lapse in judgment" and Disney says they will still negotiate for her to star in "High School Musical III."

The Los Alamitos student at McAuliffe Middle School took the nude photos of herself and sent them to at least one friend. Los Alamitos Unified School district superintendent Gregory Franklin says the photos were taken off campus.

For teen girls that believe sending a nude will help them seal a relationship, the odds of a sext landing a serious boyfriend are even more far-fetched. In a 2015 survey, Englander found that of the students who were pressured into sending a sext hoping to land a potential boyfriend, only 2 percent managed to do so.

Especially as it pertains to sexual images, youth today are literally taking their lives from the public humiliation after experiencing nudes gone viral. From Amanda Todd to the tragic cyber-humiliation of Tyler Clementi, once a digital image is out there, it's nearly impossible to retrieve. For many young people, this can be emotionally unbearable to survive.

In a new study by National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) co-sponsored by Microsoft, Keeping Up with Generation App: NCSA Parent/Teen Online Safety Survey, provided an insightful look into the complex digital lives of American teens and their parents. Interestingly, almost half of teens (47 percent) say parents are their top source on learning how to stay safe online.

Isabella, between September and December 2013 communicated with the teen girl by phone. Misrepresenting his age and identity, he repeatedly asked the victim for nude and sexual photographs. The girl eventually complied. She lost her cell phone, which was found by her mother who discovered the photos and sought help from law enforcement. 041b061a72


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