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7 : Secret Mission

On difficulties below Son of Sparda this mission is extremely easy: switch to Rebellion. Wait for the Death Scissors to perform one of its two main attacks (the forward snip or spinning slice) and when the scissors gleam white, hit them with Rebellion to stun the creature. Wait for a second for the red aura around the Death Scissors' face to fully form, then shoot it once for the critical hit.

7 : Secret Mission

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After Mission 13, Dante will be submerged underwater (Mission 14 hasn't started at this point). Swim back into the Captain's quarters and inspect the skeleton to begin the mission. You will be in a large area with eight Blades in the water.

Use the Angel Lift ability to reach the ring nearby. Turn around and use the Angel Boost to find a Copper Key. The next room also contains the final Lost Soul of the mission next to a Divinity Statue.

Next up are a few new enemies down the road called Harpies. They're basically stronger Pathos from earlier missions, but they don't have shields. You may be able to get one Demon Pull on them, but no more. If they're flying above a platform, use an Angel Lift to reach them for close combat. Your best best is to shoot their wings off with Ebony & Ivory. Once they hit the floor, attack before their wings grow back. Defeating them will end the mission.

This guide is intended to bring you through all of the main missions in the game, offering tips on the enemies you fight, how to get S-Ranks on the tougher missions and strategies for the boss fights. It will also list all of the locations for the collectibles, as well as where to find every single Secret Mission, as well as how to complete those. In addition, you will find a full trophy/achievement guide, as well as details on all of the skills and mechanics for each of the three characters you can control in the game.

The first of the Sniper Elite 5 Secret Weapons workbenches can be found in the southwest of the map, toward the castle and the radio tower optional objective. Heading west toward the bridge here, you should see a dirt path which leads down to the left side of the bridge. Follow this and turn left at the bottom, facing toward the waterfall side. You should see some wooden planks hiding a path under some foliage. Interact with them to open up a secret cache with the Mission 7 Pistol Workbench location.

The Clockwork Repairs is the seventh PSA mission. In the mission, the Clock Tower has gone haywire after Herbert and Klutzy took the main parts inside the clock, causing it to frizz. You must get the parts back into the clock for it to work again.

Mission 7, named Top-Secret, is a "top-secret" mission, and the first mission that is military in nature. In this mission you must launch an Explosive Module, dock with an enemy satellite and then destroy it.

As is tradition, Devil May Cry 5 features a series of secret challenges tucked away in several of the game's main missions. Some of these are easy enough to finish in a single attempt, but there are others that will put your combat skills and patience to the test. In this guide, we're breaking down where to find all of Devil May Cry 5's secret missions and how to complete them.

Unlike past DMC games, which often used obscure notes to signify the location of a secret mission, the newest game in the series takes a more puzzle and reflex-oriented approach to find these hidden challenges. Some missions house special glyphs that serve as the gateway to these special encounters. Often times you'll see strange red streaks stretched across certain rooms or areas in the environment, which serve as indicators that a secret mission is nearby.

Once you find where the secret mission is, you'll need to adjust the camera's perspective while standing on a specific spot to line up the red streaks to form a glowing glyph, which will enable the hidden challenge. After you activate the secret mission, you're tasked with completing some of the games more unusual challenges. Though rest assured, if you find yourself stuck on a particular mission, you're safe to back out of it and try again in the main menu--which allows you to replay them at any time.

Here is GameSpot's complete breakdown on how to find and complete all 12 secret missions in Devil May Cry 5. If you want more info about Capcom's new action game, be sure to check out the full review, and along with our gameplay montage of some of the best fights we've had so far with Dante, Nero, and V.

Found In Mission 2: Located in the hotel, this is an easy one to find since the game makes a point to highlight it for you. To activate the secret mission, walk over to the side of the bed against the furthest side of the room and point the camera toward the open door to line up the glyph.

Found in Mission 3: About halfway through the Flying Hunter mission, you'll come to staircase shortly after arriving in the sewer. Jump down to the bottom of the stairs, walk towards the sewer grate, and look up to the ceiling to line up the secret mission's glyph.How To Complete: Finishing this mission can be tricky, but it's still doable early on. You'll find a set of Red Empusa scattered around the roof, you'll need to aggressively attack one at a time in to defeat the entire group before they escape. Take advantage of your devil breakers and Nero's exceed mechanic to lay the damage on fast to defeat one enemy, then quickly move on to the next one. Though they're prone to escape, they'll only do so if they're threatened.

Found in Mission 4: After making it past the bridge, you'll find a Nidhogg Hatchling outside a warehouse. Taking the hatchling will lead to a fight with demons. After this battle, head inside the warehouse keep moving forward until you reach the streets below. In the distance, you'll see a giant mural on the side of one of the buildings. Summon Nightmare to have him crash through the wall. Jump through the opening to find a back alley passage to the second Nidogg Hatchling. If you stick to the streets, you'll likely find the familiar red streaks on the ground. Continue forward and make a left at the fork in the road to find two demonic gates blocking the path forward. After using the hatchlings you have in your possession, continue inside the building and enter the room on the top floor. Through the opening in the wall, look down to the streets below to line up the glyph and activate the secret mission.How To Complete: As the objective states, you simply need to find all the red orbs in the room before time expires. This simple mission can be made a bit easier by purchasing V's sprint skill--where he rides on the back of Shadow to move faster.

Found In MIssion 8: Throughout this mission, you'll come across some weird sections that will have you travel through giant demonic blood veins and large lava falls that flow upwards. Towards the end of the level, you'll find a second lava fall, which just so happens to be close to the end of the level. Instead of going straight to the top, jump off the platform on the right to reach a set of grapple points. Use your wire-hook to grapple upwards and into a hidden area. Head into the middle of the area and turn your camera around to open up the way to the secret mission.

How To Complete: This secret mission can be a challenge. To activate the grapple points, you'll need to shoot at them to allow for the wire-hook to get a hold of it. The tough task is managing to maintain the rhythm of shooting and grappling, one after another. One frustrating occurrence is building up too much momentum, which will cause Nero to overshoot the grapple point, leading to him either missing the next one or crashing to the floor. The key to finishing this mission is to stay patient and maintain a rhythm. If you need some extra help, Gerbera's air-dodge can help you reposition if you're slightly off course. However, it's best to just stick with the basics for this mission.

Found In Mission 9: The secret mission in this stage can be especially tricky to find. Before reaching the sections leading to the catacombs below, you'll find a cluster of tendrils blocking the pathway to a blue orb fragment. Though you may feel inclined to backtrack, you actually have everything you need to open the way forward. Simply walk up to the tendrils, and then summon Nightmare. The hulking familiar will crash land on the blood sack ahead of you, killing the tendrils and opening up the way forward. Once you get the blue orb fragment, turn the camera towards the entrance to activate the glyph for the next secret mission.

How To Complete: With only twenty seconds to kill three enemies, you'll need to go for the fast and sweeping attacks to get it done. Start off by charging up Griffon's sweeping laser attack, while having Shadow go in for quick attacks. Don't bother summoning Nightmare, as he's far too slow to be of any use during this mission. Activating the attack boosts for your familiars (using LT or L2 buttons) can up their strength to make it easier.

Found In Mission 10: Throughout this level, you'll encounter special doors that close up after a set amount of time has passed. Usually, you'll encounter these doors prior to a fight, forcing you to take out the enemies fast to enter the closing passage. In the later section of Mission 10, you'll enter a room with two doors, and along with a large group of enemies to fight. After the fight, rush into the door on the right and head up the winding passage. At the top, you'll find the location of the secret mission.

How To Complete: As the objective states, you'll need to target the Death Scissor's weakpoint and take them down with a single bullet. To do that, you'll need to force an opening in their defense. Carefully attack their giant scissors--which they use to block attacks. Parrying their strikes is especially effective when trying to create an opening. Causing any damage to them before they expose their weakpoint will result in mission failure. Once their weapon is broken, wait for a red aura to appear around their head, and then open fire. To be safe and avoid any excess damage, stick with a charged up weapon like Ebony and Ivory for accuracy. 041b061a72


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