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Leonardo Thompson
Leonardo Thompson

The Benefits of Upgrading to Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2: A Comprehensive Guide

Would you like to know more about this upgrade? You can read about it here, in the Nuance Certified Release Notes for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.3:

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Upgrade Torrent

This is a powerful speech to text tool that is exclusively sold and installed via our network of Nuance certified partners, who will use their experience of GP systems and work practices to integrate Dragon Medical tightly into your practice workflows and everyday documentation and train you and your team to make the most out of your investment from day one.It makes it easier to document care into the electronic patient record (EPR) five times faster than typing and saves you an hour or more per day. It is distinct from non-medical speech recognition, supporting more than 60 specialized medical vocabularies for British English.It uses acoustic and language learning programs to interpret your voice, and by doing so, it replaces traditional methods of typing, pointing, and clicking with keyboard and mouse.


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