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Joshua Cox
Joshua Cox

Fanta 1.7z

Please add more items. Especially less "generic" items, and much more fantasy-like stuff, with fun descriptions. Maybe also add a gift shop and make it possible to buy gifts to the girls. Or anyway, anything more fun to spend gold on, maybe a casino or something like that.

fanta 1.7z

First of all, to summarize, I'm totally sure about that this game can turn into a rather good erotic romantic epic fantasy RPG adventure in the future, but currently it still just provides the feeling of something potentially great early-in-development.

Also, from what I saw, I think Julia's hips are a little bit too big for my tastes, I would prefer to look at a little bit more slender women. It's good tough, that her tits don't look like oversized balloons like in many other erotic fantasy games :D

And besides wether the battle music is fitting the map or not, it is annoying to hear it reset every time, because while I'm gathering stat points, I'm just doing routine work of killing monsters without thinking, so at that time I do not need hear the "We are in battle, Fight!" "impact", as I just want to chill out, stop thinking about things, and enjoy the music and the fantasy atmosphere of the game.

Maybe you can also add the "erotic", "fantasy", "romance" tags to the game description, by the way. These are rather popular tags, and would make your game more probable to show up on search results. Furthermore, don't forget to add the good old "NSFW" (Not Safe For Work) tag ;) 041b061a72


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