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Join the AIR Hubs Team and Make a Difference at Download Festival

Download Festival Airhub: Everything You Need to Know

If you're planning to attend Download Festival this year, you might be wondering what an Airhub is and why you should visit one. In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about Download Festival Airhubs, including what they are, what they do, how to find them, and how to apply to staff them. Whether you're looking for help, information, or just a friendly chat, an Airhub is the place to go!

download festival airhub

Download Zip:

What is Download Festival?

Download Festival is a mammoth rock event that takes place every year at Donington Park, the spiritual home of rock. It features some of the biggest names in rock and metal music across four stages, as well as comedy acts, wrestling shows, fairground rides, food stalls, markets, and more. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Download Festival, and the lineup includes headliners KISS, Iron Maiden, System of a Down, plus Deftones, Korn, The Offspring, Disturbed, Gojira, Volbeat, Killswitch Engage, and. many more. Download Festival is a must-see for any rock fan, and it's also a great opportunity to support some amazing causes through the Airhubs.

What is an Airhub?

An Airhub is a pop-up tent that provides a range of services and support to festival-goers. Airhubs are staffed by volunteers from various charities, community groups, and sports clubs who use the opportunity to raise funds and awareness for their causes. Airhubs are open 24/7 throughout the festival, and they offer the following:

  • Help and information: Airhubs can help you with any queries or issues you might have, such as directions, lost property, medical assistance, security, or anything else. They can also provide you with useful information about the festival, such as the lineup, the facilities, the rules, and the tips.

  • Support and response: Airhubs can provide you with emotional and practical support in case of any emergency or crisis. They can also respond to any incidents or accidents that might occur, such as fires, floods, injuries, or violence. They can liaise with the festival staff and authorities to ensure your safety and well-being.

  • Experience and atmosphere: Airhubs can enhance your festival experience by providing you with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. They can also offer you some fun and entertainment, such as games, quizzes, competitions, prizes, music, and more. They can also connect you with other festival-goers who share your interests and passions.

An Airhub is more than just a tent. It's a hub of activity, a source of help, and a place of comfort. It's a way to make your festival experience more enjoyable and memorable.

Why You Should Visit an Airhub at Download Festival

There are many reasons why you should visit an Airhub at Download Festival. Here are some of them:

Get Help and Information

Whether you need some advice, some guidance, or some assistance, an Airhub can help you out. No matter what your question or problem is, an Airhub volunteer will be happy to help you find a solution. They have access to all the relevant information and resources that you might need during the festival. They can also provide you with some useful tips and tricks to make your festival experience more smooth and enjoyable.

Support a Good Cause

By visiting an Airhub, you're not only helping yourself but also helping others. Every Airhub is run by a different charity, community group, or sports club that uses the opportunity to raise funds and awareness for their cause. Some of the causes that are supported by Airhubs include mental health, homelessness, animal welfare, environmental protection, disability rights, cancer research, and more. By visiting an Airhub, you're supporting these causes and making a difference in the world.

Enjoy the Festival Experience

An Airhub is not just a place to get help or information. It's also a place to have fun and make friends. An Airhub can offer you some entertainment and excitement that will add to your festival experience. You can play games, win prizes, listen to music, watch shows, join competitions, and more. You can also meet other festival-goers who share your interests and passions. You can chat with them, exchange stories, make jokes, and form bonds. An Airhub can make your festival experience more social and enjoyable.

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How to Find an Airhub at Download Festival

Finding an Airhub at Download Festival is easy. There are six Airhubs located around the campsites of the festival site. You can find them on this map:

Map of Download Festival site with Airhubs marked -------------------------------------------------- ![Map of Download Festival site with Airhubs marked]( You can also look for the signs that say "Airhub" or the flags that have the logo of the charity or group that runs the Airhub. You can also ask any festival staff or volunteer for directions to the nearest Airhub.

How to Apply to Staff an Airhub at Download Festival

If you're part of a charity, community group, or sports club that wants to make an impact at Download Festival, you can apply to staff an Airhub at the event. Here's how:

Requirements and Responsibilities

To staff an Airhub at Download Festival, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You need to be part of a registered charity or non-profit organization You need to have a minimum of 10 volunteers who are over 18 years old and have a valid DBS check

  • You need to commit to staff the Airhub for the entire duration of the festival, from Wednesday to Monday

  • You need to agree to follow the rules and guidelines of Download Festival and the Airhub program

As an Airhub volunteer, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • You will provide help, information, and support to festival-goers who visit your Airhub

  • You will promote your cause and raise funds through donations, merchandise sales, or other activities

  • You will maintain the cleanliness, safety, and security of your Airhub

  • You will work as a team with other volunteers and festival staff

  • You will have fun and enjoy the festival!

Training and Support

To prepare you for your role as an Airhub volunteer, you will receive the following training and support from Download Festival:

  • You will receive an online training session that covers the basics of Download Festival, the Airhub program, and your role and responsibilities as an Airhub volunteer

  • You will receive a handbook that contains all the information and resources you need to run your Airhub successfully

  • You will receive a kit that includes a tent, a table, chairs, a banner, a flag, a donation box, a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, and other essentials for your Airhub

  • You will receive access to a dedicated Airhub coordinator who will assist you with any questions or issues you might have before, during, or after the festival

  • You will receive feedback and recognition for your performance and contribution as an Airhub volunteer

Rewards and Benefits

As an Airhub volunteer, you will receive the following rewards and benefits from Download Festival:

  • You will receive a free weekend ticket to Download Festival for yourself and each of your volunteers

  • You will receive free camping access in a designated area for Airhub volunteers

You will receive free meals


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