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The Guardians Of Justice

The powers of the Chancellor of Justice and the Parliamentary Ombudsman are primarily similar. Both supervise the legality of the activities of courts, authorities and other public officials. Both are also responsible for the oversight of the decisions and actions of the Government and the President of the Republic. Supervising the implementation of basic and human rights is an essential part of the duties of both guardians of the law.

The Guardians of Justice

The Act on the division of work between the Chancellor of Justice and the Parliamentary Ombudsman lays down provisions on the special tasks assigned to the guardians of the law. The Act entered into force on 1 October 2022.

The Chancellor of Justice primarily transfers to the Parliamentary Ombudsman matters that have been centralised to be processed by the Ombudsman. The Parliamentary Ombudsman acts in the same way in matters belonging to the Chancellor of Justice. In addition, the guardians of the law may mutually transfer a matter falling within the competence of both parties if the transfer is considered to speed up the processing of the matter or the transfer is justified for other reasons, such as the joint processing of matters.

Institute for Justice Guardians Circle members help IJ secure justice for those whose full enjoyment of liberty has been denied by government. To keep these generous supporters closely apprised of the impact they are making at IJ, Guardians Circle members receive:

The Office of Public Guardian will only be appointed by the court as the guardian or conservator of last resort if there is no one else who could serve as a guardian or conservator and the person's needs cannot be met with less restrictive alternatives than guardianship or conservatorship. 041b061a72


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