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A Series Of Encounters For 5th Edition Dungeons...

Currently, we're in the 5th edition of the game and with the creation of D&D based web series and online platforms, like Roll20, that allow people to play together online, D&D is the most popular it's ever been. It's never too late to join in on the fun and there are several introductory adventures to begin your journey into D&D.

A series of encounters for 5th Edition Dungeons...

Part of its charm is the nostalgia value, with encounters written to emulate those halcyon days of the 2nd edition. It's also one of those modules all DMs should have on hand in case they need some decent filler, so it's not just a resource for players.

The gang includes three hobgoblins, several scouts and bandits, and a spellcaster. Even if the party fights them piecemeal, it's a tough series of encounters. It gets much harder if the gang presents a unified front against the party. However, it is explicitly a consequence of the party tripping the smugglers' traps or getting detected.

D&D Beyond posts articles frequently and, as part of these posts, offer an encounter of the week, although no new encounters have been added since Halloween 2021. Back in 2020, the site ran a series of encounters named Icewind Mail, which was to act as an introductory mini-adventure for Icewind Dale. Icewind Mail is designed for both new and experienced DnD players, and the nine-part encounter series is a great introduction to the game.

Back in the halcyon, nostalgia-tinged days of 1st Edition, nobody would have blinked twice at the idea of including low-level encounters in high-level adventures. For example, in the Bloodstone modules (the original H-series designed for levels 15 thru 100), the designers had no problem including combat encounters with common orcs.

The D&D Encounters series of adventures are run as a series of short weekly encounters at game stores participating in the D&D Encounters program. The adventures are not sold directly to the public but are only available at participating stores. Most of the adventures in this series are packaged as a single item, but season two and three were broken down into a number of separate items. From season fifteen onwards, D&D Encounters used adventures that were available generally for sale, and there was a special "Launch Weekend" supplementary kit available as a limited release instead.

Originally created by Jonathan Tweet and Mark Rein*Hagen. First published in 1987 Ars Magica has gone through a series of changes in mechanics (it is currently in its 5th edition) and ownership (Lions' Rampart, White Wolf, Wizards of the Coast and currently (2018) Atlas Games). 041b061a72


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