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Jonathan Howard

Energy Medicine Yoga : Amplify The Healing Powe...

I continue to practice Lauren's week 1 routine and supplement my energy practice with other EM routines offered for free online by Donna Eden and some of Donna's other students. I commend Lauren for the creative efforts and her articulate way of presenting the yoga and EM theory, however, I hope the issues that I (and some of the others who have purchased the book) have with her ability to give practical instructions will be fixed in a second edition and/or that she will consider offering her video free of charge on her website.

Energy medicine yoga : amplify the healing powe...

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Clear your energetic pathways and calm the storm of your stressful modern life with this unique healing system. Perfected over years of study, Energy Medicine Yoga is a customizable program with step-by-step practices that help you recover from trauma and gain resilience. Combining yoga and energy work with the five elements, this book teaches you how to respond, rather than react, to triggers and ultimately diminish their effect on you.

Hilary Crowley discovered the healing arts as the grandchild of three doctors. In her early career, she worked as a Pediatric Continuing Education and Recruitment Specialist at both University of Massachusetts Medical Center and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Since 1995, she has studied with leaders in energy medicine and medical intuition. Hilary teaches on topics of energy medicine and health throughout New England, New York, and abroad. She is a pre- and post-operative energy care provider, working with the Wentworth Douglass Hospital's Integrative Care Center. She lives in Dover, New Hampshire.

"There are ages of wisdom within these two covers. A deep and transformational marriage of the magic of energy and the power of yoga." --Cyndi Dale, author of The Subtle Body and The Subtle Body Practice Manual "Here at last is a most welcome book to introduce the field of energy medicine to yoga practitioners--all in a very clear way. Most yoga methods have restricted the asana side of yoga to the perimeters of the body, which isolates us from the true yogic experience of the deep connection we have with each other and all our surroundings. In this book you will discover the amazing healing power of an energy field that is both our birthright and in which (like fish in water) we all live." --Angela Farmer, international yoga teacher "A treasure chest of healing potential. Lauren's well-instructed postures fill the reader with insight into the body's subatomic world. A must-read." --Marie Manuchehri, RN, author of Intuitive Self-Healing "In Energy Medicine Yoga, Lauren Walker combines the energy principles from the perspectives of both yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her direct approach allows us to immediately learn the principles of energy through her wonderful explanations, exercises, poses, and stories. I recommend this book to anyone interested in healing, yoga, or energy medicine." --Ann Marie Chiasson, MD, author of Energy Healing: The Essentials of Self-Care

We will have fun in this class exploring the more subtle levels of energy in your yoga practice. We will start with Sun Salutations and incorporate ancient pranayama with the holding of asanas. Mudras and mantras will be weaved into the blend to affect the energy body for upliftment and ease. Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra will seal our practice.

EMYoga combines ancient energy medicine techniques such as tapping and acupressure holds, into a traditional yoga practice to amplify its healing power. The Essential Energy Medicine Yoga Practice is time-honored methods to bring your whole body into balance so you can thrive!

Anya introduces ground-breaking spiritual transformation practices through the lens of her experience as a long-time practitioner of intuitive energy healing. In this debut work, Anya teaches the reader how to work with beliefs, challenges, emotions, and actions to create their most positive reality. She then guides the reader through powerful healing exercises intended to fast-track the spiritual awakening process.

?2015 Nautilus Award Winner What is it that makes yoga practitioners feel so good after a session--more so than after other kinds of exercise or stretching? Yoga was created to directly stimulate and move us at the energetic level, teaches Lauren Walker. Yet many of us don't have the time to spare for the kind of extensive regular practice we'd need to gain the full benefits yoga was meant to offer. That's why Walker created Energy Medicine Yoga--a breakthrough book that combines yoga with the most effective techniques of energy medicine to vastly increase the healing power of your practice. Created for yoga practitioners of any background or experience--even complete newcomers--this clear, easy-to-use guidebook features: Energy medicine essentials--key concepts about your subtle anatomy and its profound influence on your physical, emotional, and spiritual health- An eight-week learning plan for working with your body's energy systems--with practices focused on your meridians, chakras, vibrational field, and more- Power poses--the most valuable if you do nothing else, do these techniques for each of your body's energy systems- The 20-minute template--putting it all together to create your own custom-made, supercharged daily practiceLauren Walker has adapted the renowned energy medicine methods pioneered by her own teacher, Donna Eden, so they integrate seamlessly into yoga movements and postures. Energy medicine yoga teaches you to take the things you're doing now, layer them together with complementary techniques, and exponentially increase the benefits of your practice, Walker explains. You'll learn to work smarter, not harder--so you can have a healthy body full of energy, zest, and joy for what life has to offer.

Lauren Walker is the founder of Energy Medicine Yoga, a highly intuitive, simple healing method that marries her extensive studies in yoga with the transformative power of energy work. She is the author of two books: Energy Medicine Yoga: Amplify the Healing Power of Your Yoga Practice and The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription, and she also has a new book on the way: The Energy to Heal. Lauren has been teaching yoga and meditation since 1997, and now teaches EMYoga across the United States and internationally, both general courses and training teachers on her method.

Lauren Walker is a teaching assistant for Donna Eden as well as a certified energy medicine practitioner and a senior student of Para Yoga creator Rod Stryker. She started the yoga program at Norwich University and now teaches Energy Medicine yoga internationally. She is the author of Energy Medicine Yoga: Amplify the Healing Power of Your Yoga Practice (Sounds True, October 2014). Lauren lives in Montana, visit to learn more.

Experience a unique opportunity to learn from Doctor of Oriental Medicine Melanie Smith from the comfort of your own home. Each class session includes a streaming video option and guides you to discover specific skills and abilities to amplify the restorative power of your vagus nerve to balance your autonomic nervous system, boost your immunity, and initiate powerful self-healing.

In this continuing series on the importance of your lymphatic system for overall health, we reveal some powerful, easy techniques you can do at home to keep your lymph flowing. Author and Energy Medicine Yoga expert, Lauren K. Walker joins us to share proven techniques in energy medicine and yoga to support your health, immunity, energy, ideal weight by supporting your lymphatics!

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