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Maverick Ross
Maverick Ross

Friday Night Lights BETTER

In 2021, the NYPD partnered with the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD), the City's District Attorneys, and community-based organizations to open 100 gyms and expand its "Saturday Night Lights" (SNL) program. SNL is a summer program that provides access to free youth sports programming on Saturday nights.

friday night lights

In order to ensure a fun, competitive environment with plenty of teams in each division we are choosing to run one south OKC location for this spring at Buck Thomas Park in Moore. Games will not be hosted at Bouse this spring. If you have a full team of Choctaw players, we will do the best we can at accommodating some double header nights to make traveling to a different site easier for you.

It had been there during the Abilene High game when he gained 232 yards on eight carries and scored touchdowns of 62 yards, 80 yards, and 67 yards. His father, who lived in Houston, had been in the stands that night. They had been separated for some time, and it was the first time James senior had ever seen his son play football at Permian. He was almost unprepared for what it felt like to watch his own flesh and blood out there on that field. "Oh, man," he remembered. "The first I seen him carry that ball, he busted that line for 80 yards. Do you know how you feel when you see your son doin' good, doin' somethin' special? It kind of put a lump in your throat. Man, that boy ran that ball that night!" 041b061a72


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