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[S1E13] House Of Reunion House Of Memories

Upstairs, the new housemother, Vera Devenish, has arrived. When she meets Victor, the two find that they share interests in taxidermy and they bond over Vera's stuffed dog. Fabian and Nina, meanwhile, are testing a theory that the amulets will protect them from the beacon that blinded Amber. They manage to get into the tunnels safely, but decide that they should get Amber upstairs before she hurts herself. Vera has made breakfast upstairs and Joy reassures Mara that she did the right thing letting Mick leave as they sit down to breakfast. Amber lies to the others about why she can't see, saying she had an allergic reaction to a face masque that she used.

[S1E13] House of Reunion House of Memories

Mara and Jerome meet with a private investigator. When they talk with him, they seem concerned about whether he can do the job or not, but Jerome hires him anyway. At the house, Senkhara appears to Nina and warns her that Amber's blindness should not stop her from searching for the mask. Victor sees the Mark of Anubis on a box for the exhibition. In the attic, Vera is drawing the Mark of Anubis. She calls someone and says that she's in.

In the library all the exhibition boxes have been opened and things are in disarray. Trudy comes in with her cleaning supplies and hears a creaking. When Nina and Fabian get to the library they surprise Trudy and she tells them that she thinks the intruder is up on the mezzanine. Nina suggests that they lock the intruder in and go get help. They do so, but the intruder in question is Victor, who escapes with his own set of keys. The Private Eye that Jerome hired goes to Jerome with information, but not about Jerome's father. The PI thought Jerome wrote Joan Clarke, not John Clarke and has instead found Jerome's mother's home and rifled through her trash. He gives Jerome a bag with a few letters and some trash, but demands payment, despite his mistake. At the house, Vera is spying on Victor. She hears him say that the book is not there.

Nina and Fabian find eight of the nine books that spell Frobisher in the library. Fabian finds a ledger that has all the withdrawn books listed. They find out that the ninth book was checked out by someone who signed the ledger DABed. Alfie finds out that Amber has her sight back and has been using him for the past few days. Nina and Fabian are late for French class with Mrs. Andrews. Nina saves them from another detention by asking her to pardon them in French. Fabian figures out that DABed is actually a set of initials: it means Daphne Andrews, Bachelor of Education. At the house, Mara visits Jerome, asking about his meeting with the Private Eye. Jerome says that he found nothing, but then picks a letter out of the bag that is from his father to his mother. He opens the letter to see if there is an address and sits down on his bed, completely shocked.

THE ADAMS HOMECasey and Jennifer love the outdoors and they love Laurel, having moved there from Georgia. They need a home with a big kitchen and lots of outdoor space to entertain friends and family (and run their energetic dog). Working with a $220,000 all-in budget, Ben and Erin have the perfect houses in mind. The Bowen place is a city house in the country: a modern and spacious home with antique flooring and a generous backyard big enough to camp out in.

Willa was originally thought to be dead, but Bobo simply told all the revenants that he killed her. In reality, he hid her away, protecting her for years. Over that time, he slowly developed feelings for her, and her for him. Before her 27th birthday, her memory was taken away by Constance Clootie, and she ended up in Lou's cult home until Wynonna rescued her. Her reunion with her sisters was short-lived and fraught with difficulty as she had changed from the trauma and her years in captivity. Once her memories returned, she single-mindedly sought to leave Purgatory with Bobo by her side.

In House of Memories, Willa and Wynonna question the Revenant Whiskey Jim, and he reveals that there was a surge a few years ago. He also suggests the sisters battle it out for Earp heir, which makes Willa mad. She grabs Peacemaker and shoots Whiskey Jim between the eyes. Wynonna is upset on Dolls' behalf since Jim was Dolls' prisoner, but Willa doesn't care. At the station, Dolls performs hypnotism on Willa to bring back her memories. Willa remembers some swan origami and traumatic memories around her father's death and her kidnapping. She storms out and later walks in on Nicole applying Neosporin to Waverly's scar. Willa rudely wipes the Neosporin off and puts on her own homemade salve. Nicole leaves uncomfortably, and Willa apologizes to Waverly for her poor manners. Somehow, Willa manages to walk in on Waverly and Nicole again, however, this time, she finds them making out. Willa asks if Wynonna knows that Waverly is a "gay," and Willa relishes seeing Waverly uncomfortable. Nicole has to leave again, but this time, Waverly calls Willa out for being a bully in their younger days and similarly threatening to reveal a secret. Later, walks out to the homestead's fence and finds an origami swan and Boba. Waverly shows up and shoots the swan out of his hand. The sisters make up and then head to Swan Reservoir. There, they find the treehouse, where Willa was kept captive all of those years. Her memories return, and she remembers all the time Bobo spent with her and how the Stone Witch took her memories away. At the town party hosted by Bobo, Willa dismisses Waverly and makes it clear she wants Peacemaker by her side. Wynonna shares the letter she found that states that Willa is the true heir. Wynonna tries to protect Willa, but Willa insists on staying at the party and drinking. After turmoil ensues when the champagne is revealed to be poisonous, Waverly grabs Willa's hand to get her to safety, but Willa slips away when Waverly runs into Nicole and kisses goodbye. The episode ends with Bobo and Willa meeting up on the empty streets of Purgatory. Now that her memories have returned, she calls Bobo Robert, and he calls her baby. They walk away hand in hand.

In I Walk the Line, Willa and Bobo dream about when they can spend time together once they leave the Ghost River Triangle. However, since Waverly had switched guns, Willa no longer had Peacemaker, and Bobo could not cross. So Willa heads back into town and pulls a gun on her sisters to get Peacemaker. She ends up shooting Officer Haught, who fortunately survives due to a bulletproof vest. Waverly and Wynonna search for their sister, and Waverly tries to intercept Willa at the tree house but finds Bobo instead. He explains how he sought help from the Stone Witch to save Willa's life, and they ended up falling in love. After Waverly hides, Willa shows up with Bobo. At the arch leading out of the Ghost River Triangle, Wynonna and Doc confront Willa and Bobo. After Willa crosses the line, Willa and Wynonna deadlock with their guns. Immediately after Dolls shoots Willa, a giant snakelike beast is unleashed that wraps around Willa and strangles her. Wynonna kills Willa to prevent her from suffering any further.

Shortly before Halloween, she, Willow, Gus, Vee, and Hunter are practicing Spanish in the Old House when Camila says she is going to pick up Luz from school. After Camila leaves, Amity suggests they need to do more to get home and the others misinterpreted on helping more around the house. After Amity gives a speech on the five looking for a way back without Luz, Amity trips in a hole Flapjack made and they find a map with pictures that the group decides to decipher. That night, she wakes up as Luz get out of bed and notices that she dropped a flyer for the Gravesfield Halloween Festival.

One of the Animal Kingdom finale's most striking moments is Pope's final act. On par with the rest of Animal Kingdom's sixth season, "Fubar" uses the culmination of its flashback sequences to create a meaningful environment for its remaining characters. What has become evident through these, is that Pope never turned his back on Smurf. Everything he had ever done, was for her, no matter the cost to himself. "Fubar" draws upon this flaw in Pope's character, allowing him to right the wrong that commenced Animal Kingdom. After failing to save J from the life he would soon endure with Julia following his birth, Pope uses his final act to rescue him when he has plenty of motives not to. The guilt Pope has harbored in choosing Smurf over Julia has clouded his character's mind, particularly in season 6. By burning the Cody house down, Pope has left Smurf's memory behind and righted that wrong.

As frustrating as it might be for some to accept, J's journey comes to a fitting conclusion. Not long ago, J and Craig reminisced on J's arrival at the Cody house where he nearly drowned. Suitably, J nearly meets his end in that manner in "Fubar." The reflection of J's journey also takes a heartbreaking twist in the Animal Kingdom finale. To save himself, J causes Penny to die of a drug overdose. In knowing his mother's fate, J's choice to kill Penny in the manner that he does takes a heavy toll on him, and it shows. Penny's death ultimately shatters the last piece of hope J held onto, allowing for his typical stoic expression to crack, revealing a humane side of J that was sparsely seen throughout the entirety of Animal Kingdom.

Shortly after they got engaged, however, Miss Martian and Superboy quickly found themselves housing Brion Markov, Forager and Victor Stone, who were banished, exiled or freely left their homes.[38][39][40] Although they both understood and sympathised with their situations, Conner and M'gann began to grow frustrated with their current living arrangements since their new house guests prevented the couple from spending quality time together since their engagement.[36] Eventually, Superboy decided to rejoin the Team to spend more time with Miss Martian and after the Outsiders were formed, Brion, Forager and Victor moved out of their home and into the Premiere Building.[41][42] 041b061a72


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