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Little Sorcerer [NEW]

Parents need to know that Little Sorcerer (also known as Ella and the Little Sorcerer) is an animated fantasy about friends who embark on a journey to help turn a prince from a mouse back into human. The film has several tense moments, and there are several scenes in which main character Ella (voiced by Geri Courtney-Austein) and her friends' lives are in peril. Ella falls from high in the sky, a cat traps Ella in a cage and then chases her and her friends and throws knives at them (in order to eat them), and a character is turned into a doll. While the friends are exploring a cave, a bear with big claws tries to attack them. In another scene, an evil queen uses her magic to force one character to physically harm Ella, who stumbles off the ledge of a mountain. There are other falls and rescues, and it's suggested that villains have fallen to their death, which may be upsetting for young children. Ella crosses paths with a villain named Olaf (Billy Kametz), who drives a wedge between Ella and her friends. Characters argue, and Crystal (Ashley Bornancin), the sorcerer of the title, is insecure about her abilities and doubts herself. Language is limited to words like "idiot" and "wench," and there's no romance or substance use. Characters demonstrate compassion, and the film shows the power of friendship.

Little Sorcerer

In LITTLE SORCERER, Ella (voiced by Geri Courtney-Austein) and her friends -- Crystal (Ashley Bornancin), the sorcerer of the title, and animals Manny and Walter -- embark on a journey to find a way to help turn Prince Alex (Chris Niosi) from a mouse back into human. Because Crystal is still an apprentice sorcerer, her magic isn't strong enough on its own to do the job. They learn from Dr. Know It All (David Shatraw) that a powerful item known as the Life Stone can help them. But they'll have to get it from the Guardian of the Forest (Nisa Ward). She tells them that the Life Stone has been stolen by the evil Desert Queen (Monica Young). Ella and Crystal offer to get if the guardian will use it to help transform Alex back. On their way to the Desert Queen's palace, Ella and Crystal argue, and Crystal leaves to find the queen on her own. Can Ella and her friends work together to defeat the villains, retrieve the Life Stone, and make it safely through their quest?

This slow-paced movie uses many themes and plots from other more popular animated films. There's a sorcerer, a house with enchanted items, a magic carpet, a genie in a lamp, an evil queen, and talking animals, to mention just a few. The whole plot is basically explained in the storybook-themed opening segment, and the entire movie feels like a rehash of that two-minute sequence. It fails to genuinely engage viewers and keep their attention. Plus, the animation style is a bit choppy and stiff. While Little Sorcerer's message about friendship and sacrifice is clear, getting it across feels forced and muddled due to the weak storyline. There are other animated films about friendship and fantasy that are much more engaging and will better hold young viewers' attention.

Things will really heat up once the little sorcerer goes Hollywood (the Time Warner movie is slated to open November 2001). Parents should brace themselves for Potter games, raincoats, T-shirts, underwear, sheets, furniture, and toothpaste. 041b061a72


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