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Aramco Approved Vendor List Extra Quality

The following links provide you with the list of approved vendors in each category. These vendors have not been evaluated directly by this website. Only the manufacturers have been listed here which they have already been assessed and listed in several approved vendor lists by some well-known engineering companies.

aramco approved vendor list

These approved vendor lists will be much more useful to the purchasers, buyers, suppliers and procurement departments of engineering companies and industrial companies to identify available manufacturers.

If you need to use the following approved vendor list, you must carry out your own Pre-qualification assessment. We emphasise that these manufacturers are listed here only because they are already assessed by several well-known engineering companies and are listed on their approved vendor list.

Use contracts and accounts payable records to compile a listing of all current vendors that provide parts/services. Ask stakeholders to verify and specify the following information for each vendor on the list:

An approved vendor list (AVL) reduces risk by ensuring that all vendors are properly vetted by an organization and meet its requirements for quality, pricing, delivery, and other established criteria.

View original content to download multimedia: -releases/faster-and-cleaner-crude-oil-production-using-valynt-technology--saudi-aramco-approved-supplier-valynt-overhauls-south-texas-oilfield-used-as-proving-grounds-for-proprietary-chemicals-and-strategies-to-significantly-reduce-ope-301674834.html 350c69d7ab


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