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Automatic Door Open And Closing System Using Plc Pdf 14

Although these techniques are all successful in detecting objects, they are not capable of understanding the type and the intention of the objects. For instance, a puppy or a passing pedestrian may accidentally trigger the door and cause a false opening action. Frequent false action is not only annoying, and results in air conditioning energy waste, but also reduces equipment lifetime. This calls for the need of an automatic door control system based on the detection and intention analysis of people.

automatic door open and closing system using plc pdf 14

To determine whether or not a person has intention to go through the specific entrance/exit we use a sequence of T images after a human face is detected in the ROI and calculate the probability of the person's intention to access the door Paccess using Equation (4):

Opening activated by multiple persons in lab and restaurant: The cumulative probability values for all detected faces are calculated independently. Thus, as long as one of the cumulative probability values exceeds the threshold, the door will be opened as in (d).

Automatic door opens when the door controller receives an activation signal by the sensor and activate the gear motor to drive the belt and pulley. When no one is detected inside the activation area, the door starts closing after a designated period of time.


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