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Hyper PA: A Role Playing Game that Challenges You to Tell the Perfect Lie

Hyper PA is a crazy 3D casual game that turns you into the personal assistant of a rather annoying boss. However, our protagonist will not tolerate this and has decided to take revenge. However, the decisions she makes are up to you.

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The gameplay mechanics of this game are, in general, relatively simple. Each level begins with an animation that shows us a problem or a request from our boss. The secretary will get down to work to perform the assigned tasks, but she can either mess them up on purpose or do them well. The decision is entirely in the hands of the player.

As the story progresses, the secretary's balance of good and evil will tip to either side. However, the most important thing is to enjoy the unfolding events as we secretly pull the plot's threads. Anyone who has ever wanted to take revenge on their boss will find the APK file download perfect for catharsis.

Live the life of a PA , but not a normal one , A Hyper one ! , who cannot do anything right !Can you avoid her to make a mess of everything : like not dropping coffee on her boss and not packing half eaten pizzas in his luggage .Let's have fun in this hilarious game of Choices !

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Hyper PA is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.Developed by FUNCELL GAMES PRIVATE LIMITED, Hyper PA is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.It was released on 7th February 2022 with the latest update 6th June 2023

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Have you ever wanted to become a personal assistant? The one employee in the office that makes all the choices? Ever wanted to be an office jerk and play pranks on your boss? Office fever is on the rise and this fun game is here to help you beat the boss.

This app contains sexual references and workplace harassment normalization. It was advertised to our 7 year old daughter and she was playing it. Thank god we noticed. This game should be at least 18+ and removed from App Store. Shame on these developers.

We went into this game from an inspiring YouTuber and in this gam you have CHOICES so we decided to be bad and it let us let out myself that we locked back in when we got off a lot was justice n, revenge so we give itand now we say download this.

We really do love the game! Its very fun to play! But whenever we clear a level it gives us a wheel that we should spin, when we spin it and it gives us our potion it doesnt like leave the potion screen. Theres no exit button or something to tap. So we close the game and reopen it, when we reopen it we should clear the same level again. And again it asks us to spin the wheel. And the same thing happens. We hope it gets fixed soon.

We love this game its just when we got the potion it didnt let us exit out the screen we kept switching our app it put us back there again we are really annoyed can you please fix it transI its it we it back it.

This game is so overrated, its nothing like the ads. The only thing that is like how it looks is that the boss is mean and the demands are really dumb. There was only like four stories to do so we finished it really quickly. It was a decent game, but overall not worth it, there was also pretty frequent ads and a lot of them were pretty long. We really wanted to make the boss how we want to. We get said we could but that never happened. It never give us the option.

Never play this app it is the worst game we ever played in our childhood it got us so mad so many times it is the worst game for our perspective we would never play it again if you play it and you go all the way to day89 you will not get because it says make you own boss but they dont show you how to make a boss.

Okay Im not gonna lie we love the game. But heres the first thing is that the game needs more stories. Second thing is that we think that we should be able to apply for jobs and sometimes get in. And when you get the potions you cant move on from that screen. Please make these improvements and this we promise you will be our favorite game.

So, as the title reads, we played through the entire game until we became our own boss And after a level where you have to make sure that your workers dont fall asleep, a pop up showed, You can now make your own boss using potions! Only, there was no next button and it was just stuck at that screen. Dont waste your time on this game, honestly. Dont do what we did lol.

Hyper PA is a great game in our opinion because it is in your control on what happens. For example, you can pick your outfit, your hair, your jewelry, and you can even upgrade the office. The only thing is we would like for there to be more levels. But, other than that, you should definitely download Hyper PA!

Not that your game is bad but it is a 2 because the ad shows that you can make a new boss so we downloaded it and we have been playing for a long time and we never was able to make our own boss and we kinda keep doing the same thing like where you find the dog so can you fix it and dont make it where it shows you where the dog is when you have to find it so please fix it.

The game in question is not about creating a boss, but rather making critical decisions that will impact the outcome of the game. While some players may be disappointed by this devastation from the norm, the game offers a unique and challenging experience that will keep you engaged for hours. The gameplay revolves around decision-making, and every choice will have an impact on the storys direction. Youll be presented with various scenarios and given random choices to the game. The games graphics are smooth, transporting you into a programming building full of rude bosses. The music gives us an anxious feeling about this being in every game. While some players may be disappointed that the game does not involve creating a boss, its important to note that the games focus on decision-making adds a level of depth and complexity that many games lack. Overall, this game is not highly recommended for players who enjoy creating things.

We loved it but it didnt have what it had an ad and we really wanted to do it and thats the only reason we downloaded the app we wanted to change our boss and we just end up being the boss instead which we love that but we really wanted to change our boss to kind and loving like in the ads.

So this game is simple you want to see what a AP life is like but when you actually get into playing it had dating apps and uses the words hey cutie and is a terrible influence for you kids it uses terrible language And when we say inappropriate it IS. It used bad clothing and is not fair you can either be a bad person or an angel it is not good. Stay strong!

Hyper PA is an RPG where players step into the shoes of hyper PA. She is not a normal PA, such actual-life PA. She can be as good as an angel or as bad as evil with her decisions. Your boss is very crude so it is up to you whether you want to be an angel PA by selecting an honest answer or doing wrong to be an evil PA. The game tracks a story whose path will be determined by selecting the players. The game has various interesting features to use in the game.

This is a crazy 3D casual game that shifts you into the personal aid of a rather irritating boss. Thus, the protagonist will not accept this and has chosen to take payback. The selection she creates is up to you. It is one of the leadest free Role-Playing games on every Android device. The game has a good storyline and special gameplay that will guide players to get moments of amusing entertainment.

The game obeys a fantastic story where you play as a hyper PA. Your leader is rough and attempts to frame you in a scam. No matter how to control the condition. Players will get new bosses, create them, fall for them, and more. Yet the way of the story will rely on your selection like this. The gameplay is easy but habit-forming. Players will play as hyper PA who has a strict boss. Your preference in the game will determine how your game will go.

The game permits you to select your story. According to that, players can create selections on behalf of their character and be an angel or evil PA. It is a fun game to do interesting things with your boss and bring out all the bitterness in him. You can not do something bad with your boss in actuality, but in the game, you can do it all alone. The game is available for totally free on any smartphone or PC. you do not require to buy any premium or subscription to play the game on your Android device.

The game offers players overall customization control. They can transform the clothes and hair of their character. They can also create them to wear jewelry. Players can change and design the look of their office for totally free and easy. The graphics of the game are stunning.

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