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Nokia Snake Game: A simple yet challenging game that will keep you hooked - Download now and see how long you can last!

How to Download and Play the Classic Nokia Snake Game

Do you remember the Nokia Snake game? It was one of the most addictive and fun games ever created for mobile phones. You had to guide a snake around the screen, eating food and avoiding obstacles, while trying not to hit your own tail. It was simple, yet challenging, and it kept you entertained for hours.

If you miss playing this classic game, or if you want to try it for the first time, you are in luck. In this article, we will show you how to download and play the Nokia Snake game on different platforms, such as your computer, your smartphone, or even your old Nokia phone. We will also tell you about the history, the gameplay, the tips and tricks, and the alternatives of this legendary game. So, let's get started!

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The History of Snake

The origin of Snake goes back to 1976, when a game called Blockade was released in arcades. It was a two-player game where each player controlled a line that grew longer as it moved around the screen. The goal was to block the other player's path and make them crash into their own line or the wall.

The game was later adapted for various home computers and consoles, such as Atari, Commodore, Apple II, and ZX Spectrum. It also inspired many clones and variations, such as Nibbles, Worms, Tron, and Rattler Race.

However, the most famous version of Snake was the one that came preinstalled on Nokia phones in 1997. It was programmed by Taneli Armanto, a Nokia engineer, and introduced on the Nokia 6110 model. It soon became a hit among millions of Nokia users around the world, who competed with each other for the highest score. The game was also included on other Nokia models, such as the Nokia 3310, which sold over 126 million units.

Since then, Snake has evolved into many different versions and formats, such as Snake II, Snake Xenzia, Snakes Subsonic, Snakes Arena, Snakes on a Plane, Snakes Classic, Snakes Retro, Snakes Pro II, Snakes Reloaded, Snakes HD,,, SSSnaker, and many more. Some of them added new features, such as colors, graphics, sounds, levels, modes, power-ups, enemies, multiplayer options, etc. Some of them also changed the name or theme of the game.

Today, Snake is still one of the most popular and recognizable games in history. It has been played by billions of people across generations and cultures. It has been featured in movies, TV shows, books, comics, art, music, memes, and even Google Doodles. It has also been recognized by Guinness World Records as "the most played video game on mobile phones" and "the first mobile game to become a global phenomenon".

The Gameplay of Snake

The gameplay of Snake is very simple and intuitive. You control a snake that moves around the screen, eating food and growing longer. The food appears randomly on the screen, and each time you eat one, you score one point. The snake can move in four directions: up, down, left, and right. You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard, the number keys on your phone, or the touch screen on your smartphone to change the direction of the snake.

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However, there are some challenges and dangers that you have to avoid. The first one is the edge of the screen. If you hit the edge, you lose the game and have to start over. The second one is the snake's tail. If you run into your own tail, you also lose the game and have to start over. The third one is the obstacles. Some versions of Snake have obstacles on the screen, such as walls, rocks, trees, or other snakes. If you hit them, you also lose the game and have to start over.

The goal of the game is to eat as much food as possible and make the snake as long as possible, without crashing into anything. The longer the snake, the harder it is to control and avoid collisions. The game gets faster and more difficult as you progress. The game ends when you lose all your lives or when you fill up the entire screen with the snake.

The Tips and Tricks of Snake

Snake may seem like a simple game, but it requires some skills and strategies to master it. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you improve your performance and score higher in Snake.

  • Use the popup shooters and boosters. Some versions of Snake have popup shooters and boosters that appear randomly on the screen. They can help you clear some space, speed up or slow down the snake, or make it invincible for a short time. Use them wisely and strategically to get out of tricky situations or to score more points.

  • Navigate the snake in a smart way. Don't just move the snake randomly or follow the food blindly. Plan ahead and think about where you want to go next. Try to avoid corners and dead ends, where you can easily trap yourself or hit your own tail. Try to use the whole screen and leave some space for maneuvering. Try to create loops or zigzags with your tail, so that you can eat more food without crossing your own path.

  • Play Snake on Tik Tok live. If you want to show off your skills and challenge other players, you can play Snake on Tik Tok live. This is a feature that allows you to stream your gameplay live on Tik Tok and interact with your viewers and fans. You can also join other players' live streams and chat with them or send them gifts. You can also participate in tournaments and competitions with other players and win prizes.

The Alternatives to Snake

If you love playing Snake, but you want to try something different or more challenging, there are many alternatives that you can choose from. Here are some of them:

NameDescriptionWhere to find it

Slither.ioA multiplayer online game where you control a worm that eats pellets and grows longer. You have to avoid colliding with other worms or the edge of the map.You can play it on your browser or download it on your smartphone.

SSSnakerA 3D version of Snake where you control a snake that moves around a spherical planet. You have to eat apples and avoid asteroids.You can play it on your browser or download it on your smartphone.

Nokia 3310 SimulatorA simulator that recreates the experience of using a Nokia 3310 phone. You can play Snake II, Space Impact, Bantumi, Pairs II, and other classic games.You can play it on your browser or download it on your smartphone.

Snake RewindA modern version of Snake that features new graphics, sounds, levels, modes, power-ups, leaderboards, achievements, etc.You can download it on your smartphone.

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