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The epidemiology of acute poisoning in children aged 0-15 years hospitalized between 1970-1989 was retrospectively investigated. Two hundred and seventeen children were admitted during this period with 134 in 1980-1989 vs 83 in 1970-1979. Two distinct patterns were observed: accidental poisoning in under 11's and adult pattern and self poisoning in children over 11's. More children belonged to urban areas (72.3%) as compared to rural areas. In both decades more than half of children belonged to middle income group followed by lower income group and least to upper income group. The overall mortality was low (12.5%), with majority of deaths (78%) occurring in older children. The incidence of kerosene ingestion was noticed to have dropped by more than half between 1980-1989 as compared to 1970-1979 (14.9% vs 42%). The study highlights the unacceptable high rate of preventable accidental poisoning in young children and suicide and parasuicide in older children (11-15 years age group).



Overall, for the period 1970-1989, the rates of ectopic pregnancy forthe four geographic regions were similar. The highest rates occurred in theSouth (Table_3). However, region-specific rates varied by race. Forwhites, the rate was highest in the West; for blacks and other minorities,the rate was highest in the Midwest. In all four regions, the rates forblacks and other minorities were higher than those for whites(Table_3).

During the period 1970-1989, 860 women died from complications ofectopic pregnancy. Although small increases in numbers of deaths andcase-fatality rates occurred during 1988 and 1989, overall, the risk ofdeath associated with ectopic pregnancy decreased during the 20-yearperiod. During this interval, the case-fatality rate decreased by 90%, from35.5 to 3.8 deaths per 10,000 ectopic pregnancies (Figure_5).

During the period 1970-1989, teenagers in both race groups had thehighest mortality rates. However, the rate for black and other minorityteenagers was almost five times that for white teenagers (Figure_6). Inother age groups, case-fatality rates for blacks and other races were atleast 2.5 times higher than the rates for whites.

With few exceptions, during the period 1970-1989 the numbers and ratesof women hospitalized with ectopic pregnancies increased steadily; theseincreases affected all race groups. Possible reasons for the reportedincreases include a) a higher prevalence of risk factors for ectopicpregnancy or a lower prevalence of protective factors or both, b) aheightened awareness of ectopic pregnancy among health-care providers andpatients, c) earlier diagnosis stemming from technologic advances, and d) atendency for ectopic pregnancy to recur among women who have had one ormore previous episodes (18-24).

Preferred citation for this material is as follows: Identification of specific item, series, box, folder, North American Fiddlers Fall of Fame and Museum Papers, 1970-1989. M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University at Albany, State University of New York (hereafter referred to as the NYSOFTA Papers). 041b061a72


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