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The New World

The term New World is often used to mean the majority of Earth's Western Hemisphere, specifically the Americas.[1] The term gained prominence in the early 16th century, during Europe's Age of Discovery, shortly after the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci concluded that America (now often called the Americas) represented a new continent, and subsequently published his findings in a pamphlet he titled Latin: Mundus Novus.[2] This realization expanded the geographical horizon of classical European geographers, who had thought the world consisted of Africa, Europe, and Asia, collectively now referred to as the Old World, or Afro-Eurasia. The Americas were thus also referred to as "the fourth part of the world".[3]

The New World


The Venetian explorer Alvise Cadamosto used the term un altro mondo" ("another world") to refer to sub-Saharan Africa, which he explored in 1455 and 1456 on behalf of the Portuguese.[4] This was merely a literary flourish, not a suggestion of a new "fourth" part of the world; Cadamosto was aware that sub-Saharan Africa was part of the African continent.

In Columbus's 1499 letter to the Catholic Monarchs of Spain, reporting the results of his third voyage, he relates how the massive waters of South America's Orinoco delta rushing into the Gulf of Paria implied that a previously unknown continent must lie behind it.[10] Columbus proposes that the South American landmass is not a "fourth" continent, but rather the terrestrial paradise of Biblical tradition, a land allegedly known (but undiscovered) by Christendom.[11] In another letter (to the nurse of Prince John, written 1500), Columbus refers to having reached a "new heavens and world" ("nuevo cielo é mundo")[12] and that he had placed "another world" ("otro mundo") under the dominion of the Kings of Spain.[13]

In passed days I wrote very fully to you of my return from new countries, which have been found and explored with the ships, at the cost and by the command of this Most Serene King of Portugal; and it is lawful to call it a new world, because none of these countries were known to our ancestors and to all who hear about them they will be entirely new. For the opinion of the ancients was, that the greater part of the world beyond the equinoctial line to the south was not land, but only sea, which they have called the Atlantic; and even if they have affirmed that any continent is there, they have given many reasons for denying it is inhabited. But this opinion is false, and entirely opposed to the truth. My last voyage has proved it, for I have found a continent in that southern part; full of animals and more populous than our Europe, or Asia, or Africa, and even more temperate and pleasant than any other region known to us.

Peter Martyr, who had been writing and circulating private letters commenting on Columbus's discoveries since 1493, often shares credit with Vespucci for designating the Americas as a new world.[18] Peter Martyr used the term Orbe Novo (literally, "New Globe", but often translated as "New World") in the title of his history of the discovery of the Americas as a whole, which began to appear in 1511. (Cosmologically, "orbis" as used here refers to the whole hemisphere, while "mundus" refers to the land within it.)[19]

The term "New World" is still commonly employed when discussing historic spaces, particularly the voyages of Christopher Columbus and the subsequent European colonization of the Americas. It has been framed as being problematic for applying a colonial perspective of discovery and not doing justice to either the historic or geographic complexity of the world. It is argued that both 'worlds' and the age of Western colonialism rather entered a new stage,[28] as in the 'modern world'.

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Alisa Weilerstein is one of the foremost cellists of our time. Since making her professional and Carnegie Hall debuts in her early teens, she has been in high demand as a solo recitalist, chamber musician, and concerto soloist with leading orchestras worldwide. She was recognized with a MacArthur Fellowship in 2011.

The are two new worlds in this film, the one the English discover, and the one Pocahontas discovers. Both discoveries center on the word "new," and what distinguishes Malick's film is how firmly he refuses to know more than he should in Virginia in 1607 or London a few years later. The events in his film, including the tragic battles between the Indians and the settlers, seem to be happening for the first time. No one here has read a history book from the future.

Sometimes it takes an outsider to point out what's great about a culture. That's exactly what Czech composer Antonin Dvorak was when he came to the U.S. at the end of the 19th century, an immigrant thrown into a new world and new sounds.

Out of that experience, he wrote a symphony for America: Dvorak's Symphony No. 9, subtitled "From the New World," has become one of the world's most beloved orchestral works. It also produced a melody that is a hymn and an anthem to what American music can be.

Journey through the storied history of the iconic beverage brand, interact with a variety of exhibits, and sample beverages from around the world. Oh, and chill with the world's bubbliest polar bear. You in?

This morning, I came up Fleet Street, which always feels like a journeythrough history. In the Middle Ages, that street was an important center ofcommerce, much of which has now moved online. By the 19thcentury, the street was home to ticker machines and reporters racing eachother to make the evening papers. That world, too, has largely movedonline.

And much has changed for the bankers and policymakers here in the City ofLondon. But that is only the beginning. Let us spin the hands ofBig Ben forward to 2040 to catch a glimpse of their world. We might see that:

This is a world of six-month product development cycles and constantupdates, primarily of software, with a huge premium on simpleuser-interfaces and trusted security. A world where data is king. A worldof many new players without imposing branch offices.

Will our governor in 2040 walk into the Bank to polish a monetarypolicy-setting machine? Will your prediction, Andy [Haldane], of 15 millionjobs being automated in the U.K., affect the Bank and its world-classstaff?

All over the world, the European External Action Service, in coordination with the European Union institutions, addresses EU foreign policy priorities, including civilian and military planning and crisis response.

Election observation missions (EOMs) provide a comprehensive, independent and impartial assessment of an electoral process according to international standards for democratic elections. The EU is a worldwide recognised credible actor in international election observation. Since 2000, the EU has deployed over 160 EOMs in more than 60 countries.

All over the world, the EU works to prevent and resolve conflicts, to support resilient democracies, to promote human rights and sustainable development, to fight climate change, and to contribute to a rules-based global order.

Climate change and environmental degradation are an existential threat to Europe and the world. The EU promotes the approach of the European Green Deal of a just transition towards sustainable, resource-efficient and climate neutral economies and energy systems.

The Global Gateway is a new European strategy to boost smart, clean and secure links in digital, energy and transport sectors and to strengthen health, education and research systems across the world.

Digital technologies have brought new opportunities into the lives of people around the world. They have also become key competitive parameters that can shift the balance of power. The goal of EU Digital Diplomacy is to secure the EU global role in the digital world, to protect its strategic interests and to promote its dynamic, human-centric regulatory framework for an inclusive digital transformation. 041b061a72


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