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Buy Yarn Online

An established online shopping forum for any craft, Annies carries a good selection of yarns. Most of the yarns they carry are common brands like Premier, Patons, Lion Brand, etc. that can be found in most craft stores.

buy yarn online

The prices tend to be higher on Amazon for the same yarn you could get cheaper in store or on a different site, except for Lion Brand. Lion Brand has a storefront on Amazon, to ensure the price is generally the same.

Known for their luxury project bags and yarns, Jimmy Beans Wool is a fantastic source of high quality fiber. While they offer some lower priced options, like Sheepjes cotton, Jimmy Beans Wool is most known for the expensive, high quality wools that range from $15-$36 per skein.

Hobbii is a Danish company that specializes in natural fiber yarn, but they also carry some acrylic yarn. I especially love their Cotton King Sultan and purchase loads of it to make shawls. They are also well known for their Rainbow yarn available in over 100 colors.

Personally, I prefer to work with natural fibers or a natural/synthetic blend. In order to find the fibers I love at a price I can afford, I prefer to shop online. Whether you are making a wool sweater or cotton washcloths, look no further than your internet browser for the right fibers.

We all want to know that our finished project is going to be soft, touchable, wearable, and loveable. When we shop for yarn in person, we can squeeze the yarn to make sure it has just the right texture.

True, colors can vary in person from what they appear online. If you want to make sure that you know what a color will look like, you can shop in person then order online from one of the brands mentioned above.

All of the shops listed above have extensive and inclusive returns policies. You may run the risk of paying the return shipping for some, but check the policy on each site before purchasing for your own mental comfort. Of course, I believe you will love your online shopping experience once you dive in!

The Yarn Attic offers fine yarns from top name brands and indie dyers for your next knit and crochet project. Browse our selection of yarns from fine lace fibers to super bulkies. Superwash merino, alpaca, luxury cotton, llama, linen and silk fibers line of our Attic shelves for your choosing.

The Yarn Attic has an amazing selection of sport weight and DK weight yarns. Made from the finest blends of merino, wool, baby alpaca, cashmere, silk, cotton, camel, and more, you knit or crochet with the yarns that work for you.

The Yarn Attic features one of the best online selections of beautiful, medium-weight worsted and Aran yarns. Because of their versatility, worsted weight yarns and Aran weight yarns are an excellent choice for beginners and seasoned crafters alike.

If you are wondering where to buy knitting and crochet yarns for your next project, The Yarn Attic is your source for fine knitting and crochet yarn. We offer great selections of name brand and top design yarns, as well as specialty yarns for the yarn addict!

Welcome to Wool & Company where we believe a local yarn shop should be so much more than just a place to purchase yarn & needles. We believe knitting & crochet can be enjoyed by everyone and welcome beginners, experts, kids and everyone in between. We embrace education, community, and customer service. We want our shop to feel more like going to a friend's house... A friend that has over 10,000 skeins of yarn!

A simple bulky free Bernat yarn blanket using ocean, a pretty multicolored yarn. This pretty chunky crochet baby blanket pattern uses just 2 easy stitches so it would be great for your first beginner project using Bernat Blanket Yarn.

Find perfect knitters gifts at our Fab Gift Guide! We've got everything for knitting and crochet plus amazing bags and lots more! Lapsed knitter? Try our easy start knit kits with yarn needles and patterns.

Find perfect knitters gifts at our Fab Knitters Gift Guide! We've got everything for knitting and crochet plus amazing bags and lots more! Lapsed knitter? Try our easy start knitting kits for beginners and experts with yarn needles and patterns. The best little online yarn store for Fiber Fanatics and the best place to buy yarn online! Great selection of your favorite yarn brands at up to 30% off. Find perfect special occasion gifts at our Fab Gift Guide! We've got everything for knitting and crochet plus amazing bags, knitting gifts and lots more! Lapsed knitter? Try our easy start knit kits with yarn needles and patterns. Visiting Upstate NY? Stop by the shop in Tivoli.

This category includes one-of-a-kind discountinued yarns. 'Sale' types of each main category and other one-color left categories are moved to this category so that they can be offered to you with very reasonable prices, and they can be accessed much easily.

Micheals craft store not only has yarn but patterns, tools and more crafts you can try. They have a pretty broad selection of yarns from most major manufacturers like Yarnspirations, Lion Brand plus their yarn line too.

I hope you liked this list of places to shop online for yarn! If you have other suggestions of where to get yarn on the internet, please suggest them to me in the comments. Be sure to check out my yarn deals page which I update frequently for some of the best yarn shopping deals!

Jimmy's Gnome Club is back for 2023! And since good things come to gnomes who wait, each month from June through November, you'll receive a digital pattern from THE gnome lady herself, Sarah Schira of Imagined Landscapes including a backstory about the gnome you're knitting to life, TML yarn from Madelinetosh, and all the stuffing you'll need to create the cutest gnome masquerade ball! Plus, our team has some of the most adorable gnome themed notions they'll include each month, too!

Our Beans are hooked on a certain supernatural comedy that takes place at Nevermore Academy. Hence, we decided we needed unique yarn to knit with while we rewatch and patiently wait for season 2 of Wednesday! The Nevermore Mitt Kits come in two exclusive Madelinetosh colorways based on two of our favorite characters from the show, the dark and stormy wicked Wednesday herself and her colorful werewolf roomie, Enid, plus a custom Thing stitch marker!

Summary: Located in the picturesque Pioneer Valley of Western Massechusetts, WEBS started as a weaving and loom rental store in 1974. was established in 2003 and has exploded into a robust online e-commerce destination for yarn lovers. With nearly 1,000 yarn products and plenty of tools and accessories, WEBS is a one-stop-shop for unique finds and classic standbys.

Summary: Little is known of this Turkish online yarn brand. But loyal customers swear by the unique selection and bulk price savings. Ice Yarns offers subs for many popular yarns at incredibly low prices when compared to in-store options. Be patient when exploring the site but act fast if you see something you like. The best items tend to sell out quickly.

Summary: Canadian makers, rejoice! This one is just for you. YarnCanada ships from Canada to Canadian addresses only. Featuring brands like DROPS, Wool and the Gang, Scheepjes, and Red Heart, they are a go-to site for Canadians to skip the border delays and duties often associated with buying yarn internationally.

Summary: Born out of their South Elgin, Illinois brick and mortar shop, Wool And Company provide the local yarn store experience for makers around the world. Their site is easy to shop, organizing the selection by brand and weight. Get the luxury in-store experience from the comfort of your own home.

Purchasing yarn online is one of the great joys of being a fiber crafter. Take this opportunity to be adventurous, creating a chance for true elation when you find that perfect skein.

TLYC Makers is an encouraging community of yarn lovers and creative entrepreneurs who've come together to share our craft and elevate one another. Expect regular posts about running a maker business, WIP updates, and plenty of enthusiasm about all things craft and crochet.

Thank you for this great service, both the video and the blog. Unfortunately the two nearest LYS folded in the pandemic and the next nearest is not so near at all. I now shop exclusively online, unless I travel to a city (for work) which also has a local yearn store. Some great (and new!) suggestions here to add to my stash.

Love Herrschners! Been shopping there for decades! They have really good sales & like Mary Maxim they have a variety of other yarn crafts & other crafts like cross stitch kits & supplies. Their website has tons of free patterns, too!

Have you ever shopped with an online yarn store? Shopping for yarn has an excitement and satisfaction that other shopping just does not give you. At one time, you only had the choice to buy in-store, but today, you have far greater options with all that is available with online yarn shops. Each shopping experience has its own merits and drawbacks, but the smart shopper will make the best of both worlds. If you have avoided buying yarn online, we are here to tell what you've been missing!

Lion Brand Yarn Company is a fifth generation, family-owned business. Lion Brand yarns are sold online, at craft chains, discount chains and independent shops across the United States. We are passionate about helping people enjoy the pleasures of working with yarn.

When it comes to buying yarn, we'd always prefer to support our local yarn store and give those fluffy fibres a good squish. But we know that not everyone has a local yarn store, and sometimes there are benefits to buying yarn online. With that in mind, we're taking a look at some of the best online yarn stores to help you make the best decisions for where to purchase your yarn.

This might sound incredibly obvious, but when buying yarn from a physical or online store, it's important to buy enough yarn for your intended project. This is not only to avoid frustration if you run out of yarn mid-way through a project, but also because colours can vary between different dye lots, so if you run out of yarn it can be incredibly difficult to source more yarn in that specific matching dye lot. So although you may think 'I can just buy more later if I need it', we think (if you can afford it) it's better to not risk it and get all your yarn at once. And if you've spotted a yarn that you've just gotta have, even though you don't have a project in mind, we'd personally always try and buy two ball rather than just one (if the purse strings will allow of course!) 041b061a72


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