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The Toscano cigar is a brand of Italian cigars manufactured in Tuscany, Italy. They are made with fermented Kentucky tobacco. The brand was established in the late 19th century. It is an established brand in Italy and is also well known in Switzerland and in Austria.[1]

In 1818, the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Ferdinand III, founded a tobacco factory that manufactured Toscano cigars. A bale of Kentucky tobacco leaves that had been drying in the open were caught in an unexpected downpour of rain. The wet tobacco started to ferment in the summer heat. It was decided that, instead of being thrown away, the fermented tobacco should be used to produce cigars to be sold in Florence. It gained popularity amongst Italians and thereafter became a regular production. Today, Toscano brand cigars are manufactured by Manifatture Sigaro Toscano SpA located in Lucca and Cava de' Tirreni.[2]

Typically, the Toscano cigar has an uneven, sometimes lumpy, surface, with noticeable ribs of the wrapping leaves. By the absence of a sub-band, and its processing not requiring shaping, these irregularities in structure are more evident in hand-rolled cigars and are seen as characteristics of the Toscano cigar.[3]

The Toscano cigar is not a typical cigar as the Kentucky tobacco used in making it is generally a pipe tobacco. Kentucky tobacco is cultivated in various regions of Italy, such as Tuscany, Campania, Lazio, Umbria, and Veneto. For the wrapper, North American Kentucky leaves are used in various Toscano cigars because of their wider width. Kentucky leaves from Southern Italy, particularly Campania and Umbria, are used to attain certain flavors found in Toscano Garibaldi and Toscanello Garibaldi.[4]

The tobacco leaves first undergo a type of wet fermentation, in which they are moistened and flame-cured in ovens fueled by oak and beech woods for a total of 15 to 20 days. During this stage, the leaves are arranged neatly onto strings in special cells equipped with a "Stendaggio" system and air valves for moisture regulation. Temperature regulation is controlled through the increase or decrease of wood fire. This whole process ensures that the Kentucky tobacco is completely cured. The tobacco, which is used as filler, is a blend of Italian traditionally-grown Kentucky and North American Kentucky. The flavored Toscanello cigars use a filler blend of Italian, South American, and Far East Kentucky tobacco.[5]

Unlike Caribbean cigars, where a binder is rolled around the filler tobacco before the wrapper tobacco covers it over, the Toscano cigar is made by rolling the filler tobacco with only the wrapper tobacco (without any binder). The production of cigars then continues on two lines: production by hand for high quality and limited edition cigars, and production by machine. In the production by hand, a cigar roller known as "sigaraia" produces up to 520 cigars per day. After rolling, the cigars are air-dried in an aging chamber. Depending on the duration of maturation, different qualities result. The cigars are placed in ventilated cells with controlled humidity levels. The aging period varies depending on the type of cigar. Some of the high-quality Toscano cigars are hand-rolled such as the Toscano Il Moro, Toscano Il Presidente, Toscano Originale.[6]

All Toscano cigars have a typical elliptical shape, similar to the "Perfecto" shape of a Caribbean cigar. Most Toscano cigars are between the length of 150 to 160 mm (5.9 to 6.3 in), with the exception of Il Moro which has an average length of 230 mm (9.1 in). The Toscanello cigar is another variety of Toscano cigar, in which the cigars are already cut in half (ammezzati) and are ready to smoke. The classics are Toscanello, Toscanello Garibaldi, Toscanello Scelto, and Toscanello Speciale. As well as flavors such as Anise, Dark Chocolate, Espresso, Grappa, Mocha, and Vanilla.[7]

Toscano cigars have a high nicotine proportion. The varieties marketed may be marked by strength, sweetness and flavor. In the Toscano range, Toscano ExtraVecchio is said to be strong and determined. The Toscano production is characterized by calmness, purity and persistence of flavor.

Traditionally, they are not smoked as a whole, but cut in the middle. They are considered dry cigars or cheroots which means they do not have to be stored in a humidor. It is very much different from the Caribbean cigars which will dry up and crack if not stored in a humidor. The Kentucky tobacco is not hygroscopic after undergoing special fermentation and can be stored for years at room temperature without losing its quality. Ideally, the Toscano cigar should have an internal humidity between 12% and 14%, and a storage humidity of between 65% and 70%.

Toscano Il Moro, handmade in limited quantities every year, is the only Toscano cigar which has its individual wooden packaging box. It is the most exclusive Toscano cigar and usually sold at a premium price. Other handmade Toscano cigars include Toscano Originale, Toscano Originale 150, Toscano Originale Selected, Toscano Millennium (limited edition), Toscano del Presidente (limited edition).

The Toscanello cigars are produced due to the popular custom of smoking Toscano cigars cut in half in Italy. Toscanello Garibaldi, Toscanello, and Toscanello Speciale are halves of Toscano Garibaldi, Toscano Classico, and Toscano Antico respectively. There is the Aroma series: Anice, Caffe, Fondente, Grappa, Mocha, and Vanilla which are lighter and more refreshing smoke.

Strangely, in the context of international films, the Toscano cigar is usually referred to in more generic and vague manner. For example, in the film "Anatomy of a Murder" directed by Otto Preminger in 1959, the main character - a brilliant lawyer played by James Stewart - offered the cigars he was smoking to a friend and called them Italian cigars. The friend declines, saying, "Those stinkweeds are another sign of your decadence."

In an episode of "The Return of Sherlock Holmes - The Bruce Partington Plans" produced by Granada Television in 1988, shows a scene at the Italian restaurant called Goldini. Holmes played by Jeremy Brett said to his friend and colleague, Dr. Watson played by Edward Hardwicke: "Try one of the proprietor's cigars. They are less poisonous than one would expect."[9]

Toscanello Caffe is the perfect combination of Italy's two biggest loves: coffee and Toscano cigar. This blend of Italian, South American and Far East Kentucky tobacco infused with espresso extract gives a warm, velvety smoke with mouth-watering aromas of malt, almond, and vanilla. The best breakfast in town! Box of 5 cigars.

For the seasoned cigar aficionado on the hunt for an unforgettable smoke or the newcomer with a developing palate, is your place for an extraordinary smoking experience. Our dedicated staff of cigar experts has gathered a gigantic, unrivaled inventory of fine cigars, accessories like humidors and lighters, as well as rolling tobacco, pipe tobacco and more products to accommodate your distinct tastes.

Once lit, the flavor is smooth and absolutely delicious. It's surprisingly tasty, actually, given my disdain for sweetened and flavored cigars. The taste of limoncello is absolutely unmistakeable, and I'm getting the faintest hint of anise in there, as well, like a limoncello mixed with the slightest bit of sambuca.

The cigar, which debuted in Italy in 2013, comes in the same 3 x 38 truncated cone vitola as other cigars in the line, and like the original Toscanello Rosso Caffè, uses an Italian-grown Kentucky seed wrapper, while the filler is a mix of tobaccos from Kentucky and Italy. The cigar then gets a sweetened tip, which the company says pairs well with the fire-cured tobacco and makes for an ideal complement to a cup of coffee.

Toscano Toscanello BiancoToscano Toscanello Bianco is made with Kentucky tobacco flavoured with fragrant grappa which gives the cigar an extremely distinct character with a very pleasant room note. The wrapping is made up of North American Kentucky leaves, while Italian Kentucky and cuttings from the wrapper are used for the filling, the tobacco used in these cigars is also matured and seasoned for at least 12 months.

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For all cigars we advise that they are stored in a humidor at approximately 18C and between 65-70% relative humidity. If no humidor is available, we would recommend a plastic zip-lock bag with a small spray of distilled water. This will keep the cigars fresh for up to three months.

Most people associate Italy with vacations, pizza and pasta. On the subject of cigars, most aficionados come only after brief consideration. Our suggestion: Just bring Italy home and finish your Italian dinner with a full-bodied and aromatic Italian cigar or cigarillo.

The Italian cigar tradition goes back to the beginning of the 19th Jhd. The flagship is probably the best-known cigar brand of the country Toscano, whose cigars and cigarillos were originally manufactured in Tuscany according to a special manufacturing process, which is now only found in Austria and Switzerland. 041b061a72


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