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Episode 1.142 Hd Full Movie Down

Nurse Violet Ashby is murdered in the Blackhill psychiatric hospital. Patient David Hoyle is found cowering in the corner holding the knife that killed her. Danny and Mattie tell Violet's father, Doug Ashby, of her death. Ashby was Superintendent Lawson's commanding officer for 10 years. Blake is not confident that the patient killed her. After visiting David, Blake talks with another patient, Oriel Vogel, who shows him two paintings she did before and after the murder. She paints the light as it is, and the room is often darkened when the ECT is on. Mattie learns that Violet was reprimanded a year earlier because a patient died, perhaps due to an error in medications. Oriel visits Blake at his office, bringing two paintings of him at the hospital and telling him about David's personality. Dr Winters at the hospital tells Lawson and Blake that he loved Violet. Given a clue by Oriel's paintings, Blake examines the ECT log, finding that David was given sessions by Dr Laine before and after Violet was killed. Ashby comes to the hospital and grabs Laine, whose name appeared too often in his daughter's notes, which carefully recorded all treatments given to patients. Lawson tells Ashby to put his gun down. Laine considered his research on ECT was more important than the hospital's patients. He was responsible for the death of the patient, who he says no one would miss. Lawson arrests Dr Laine for the murder of Violet Ashby.

Episode 1.142 Hd Full Movie Down

Bobby Lee, lead singer of a popular rock and roll group, dies in an alley outside Ballarat's concert hall surrounded by his fans. Mattie was there to look after one of the young fans. The body is moved to a nearby pub owned by Gerry Bowen because the morgue is full and the hospital cannot accept the body. Blake does the autopsy with the aid of senior constable Charlie Davis and finds Lee died after being stabbed. Mattie is brought to the police station after accidentally assaulting Davis while trying to assist 16-year-old Shirley Freedman, who is distraught over Lee's death. Lawson questions band member Tony Capuano, who was heard to argue with Lee after the performance and had followed him into the alleyway. He mentions that he and Lee started the band together, but now it was "all about him." He mentions that Lee's real name was Gunther Hansen. Blake encounters the photographer who was on hand when Lee collapsed and pays him for copies of his photos of the event. The police investigate Lee's fans, other band members and preacher Howard McArthur, who was outside the venue preaching against the devil's music and was right next to Lee when he collapsed. Constable Ned Simmons finds that McArthur has prior arrests, one involving use of a knife. Blake and Jean attend McArthur's revival meeting, where he rails that "death will come to the agents of the devil." A knife that could be the murder weapon is found in the alleyway, despite the fact that constable David searched it twice and is certain that it wasn't there. The photos that Blake acquired reveal that Lee was stabbed before coming out into the alleyway. Shirley's father comes to Blake's home looking for her; she is at the police station being questioned. She had found Lee-related items outside the venue and had pulled a ring off his finger when he fell down dead. Blake realizes the items Shirley found belonged to Bowen's 16-year-old daughter Peggy and takes them to her in the pub basement where the body is still located. When Bowen comes downstairs, he admits stabbing Lee when he brought the complimentary beer to the band. Peggy had told him she'd become pregnant by Lee and then lost the baby, though Mattie learns that she recently asked her own doctor for basic information about how women get pregnant. She actually had never met Lee. Her father admits dropping the knife in the alleyway and is arrested. Blake comes home to find Jean listening to some of that rock and roll music.

Jean goes to the cinema to see Vertigo. Midway through the film, smoke starts billowing from the projection room. Richard Taylor, a firefighter from Adelaide visiting Ballarat, races to the projection room, kicks the door in and drags Adam Summers from the room; but Adam is dead. In the autopsy, Blake and Harvey find evidence of pressure applied to Adam's neck and realize that he did not run out of the projection room because he was unconscious; it was a murder. Interviews with cinema staff and patrons reveal a discrepancy between their reports that the theatre was full and manager Miles McLaren's claim that only a few people wre there. Charlie learns that McLaren undercounts his sales to cheat the film distributor. Miles apparently hated Adam and had recently had a sealed door installed on the projection room. Adam held private showings in the cinema for his friends. In Adam's wallet is a bill for a four-poster bed delivered to a derelict mansion owned by Patrick Tyneman's son, Edward. Blake finds the bed in the only clean, decorated room in the building. Mattie attends a hen party for Amelia Yorke, fiancée of Vincent Foster, while Edward Tyneman and other friends host Vincent at the buck (stag) party in the next room. Charlie goes to the stag party, using Adam's invitation, and finds a 16 mm projector in a side room with no film. Richard, the firefighter who broke down the projection room door, calls Jean, and she invites him for dinner. Blake comes home early and asks Richard how long oxygen would last in a fire in that projection room. He answers just a few minutes. The next day Edward Tyneman is uncooperative when Lawson questions him about what happens at his property. Charlie and Blake return to the projection room and find some partially damaged 16 mm film, not the 35 mm standard used for commercial film presentations. They take some of the 16 mm film and show it at Blake's house. It is pornographic, and Mattie recognizes a woman in the film, her friend Amelia. Amelia's brother Paddy borrowed money from Edward Tyneman, and when he could not pay it back, Edward said Amelia could pay it back by posing for his pornography. She tells Blake there were other girls filmed as well. Richard and Jean come home when the film is running, which shocks Richard. Then Blake finds Richard at Edward's property, about to set fire to it. His niece Rebecca was one of the other girls in Edward's pornographic films and is now under psychiatric care. The supposedly private film was shown all around the country, and her father, Richard's late brother, saw it shown in his local pub. Blake walks away with Richard, with no plans of telling anyone what he almost did there. In Edward's next visit with Lawson, he is shown his own image caught in the mirror on the salvaged film, proving his involvement. Patrick shows up and tells Edward he is on his own. He cannot use the family lawyer; his behaviour is disgusting and illegal. The Tyneman wealth will not protect him from the penalties associated with making pornography. Back at home Jean remarks that Richard was a good man but he had something sad about him. He did set a fire to burn the films, and it killed a man.

Ballarat police are shocked when young policeman Ned Simmons is found brutally murdered at night in the station, his neck broken, files and paperwork strewn all over the office, a police gun stolen. Blake finds an engagement ring near Ned's desk, which Blake shows to Ned's girlfriend, Amy Kingham. She is being stalked by violent prior boyfriend Walter Gregan and has been afraid to speak. Superintendent Lawson tells Blake he is discharged from the police for past misbehavior and current bad press on Ballarat police. Simmons was to testify in a few days with evidence against Gregan, who bribed police at another station, so he is the first suspect in this murder. An attempt is made to kill Doctor Blake, but suspended superintendent William Munro takes the fatal bullet instead. Jean tells Father Emery that she is leaving the church because it will not allow her to marry again. She goes to the cemetery where her first husband is buried to think over her decisions, where she is confronted by Norman Baker, using that police gun, a man who blames Blake for the suicide death of his daughter in prison (she murdered the man who the family blamed for her younger sister's death, in Series 3, Episode 7). Blake finds them in the cemetery and tries to protect Jean. Lawson arrives to resolve the situation as Blake makes a full apology for his own mistakes. Baker is arrested as he killed both Simmons and Munro and attacked Charlie at the morgue, all in his furious pursuit of Blake. At the police station, Edward Tyneman insists he wants justice for Blake punching him. Patrick Tyneman follows his son into the station and fires him as editor of the local newspaper for all the trouble he is making. Patrick then says to let Miss Anderson know she can have her job back. The episode closes with a Christmas meal at the Blake home, toasting those who are no longer with them. Jean and Lucien set a date for their wedding.


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