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Maverick Ross
Maverick Ross

How I Met Your Mother 1x12

Unfortunately, poor Josie learned that the hard way. Despite all the warnings from Alaric, Josie thought she knew better and figured her best bet at getting out of the prison world was to align with the uncle that killed her mother and tore her family apart.

How I Met Your Mother 1x12


Four years ago, Roderick Campbell tends to the needs of his brother Jack, who is suffering from Cystic fibrosis. Jack's life is almost at an end so Campbell is unwilling to attend a lecture he has to give. But Jack insists that he will be alright. Campbell is then halfway into his lecture speaking about the importance of genes. His years as a scientist have shown him that humans are nothing special for mother nature but are just another species on Earth who have to struggle for survival. He then explains that neanderthals had better chances for being the dominant species on Earth but modern day humans became dominant because genetics don't have to be destiny, so they stood against them as a society and outgrew their communication. Dr. Campbell goes on that evolution has again created a new species (homo superior) with powerful genetic mutations and they may cause the extinction of the modern day humans. Man can only survive if they stand together as a species once more

Just outside, Lauren and Andy stand guard for Sentinel Services. While Lauren is prepared to run should a problem arise, as advised by their parents, Andy wants to fight. Which Lauren fears will only make matters worse. However, considering what they can do, if Sentinel Services does show up, Andy says that he and Lauren won't be the ones in trouble. They agents will be. Lauren again tries to reason with Andy, explaining that their powers come with responsibilities and the last thing they want is for people to be scared of them. Andy counters that maybe they should be scared. Maybe if they were more scared then they wouldn't be going after their grandmother Ellen just because she's related to them.

Ellen now knows that Otto was a mutant, which he kept a secret from her for 26 years. Reed then reveals to his mother that his father is the reason behind his illness when he was 10. Otto was using a serum to block the X-gene in Reed, which is what Sentinel Services is in search of. Should they acquire it, they could wipe mutants off the face of the earth. Reed asks if his dad had another lab, but Otto had no other lab, at least not to Ellen's knowledge. Caitlin tells Reed that they can continue questioning her later, but they have to leave now. Reed then gets a call from Lauren that Sentinel Services has just arrived. Reed, Caitlin and Ellen quickly make their way out the office to meet with Lauren and Andy downstairs. As the agents approach, Lauren plans to find an exit, but Andy prepares to fight. Andy steps out into the open and the two agents immediately draw their weapons and demand that he put his hands in the air. Andy makes them regret that request when he puts his hands up and sends the agents flying back. Although, Andy doesn't want to stop there. So Lauren makes him stop by obstructing his path with a shield. He gets angry and turns his powers on her. But Lauren counters his attack, which blows up in both of their faces, knocking both of them to the ground. At that moment, Caitlin, Reed and Ellen exit the building. Everyone gets into the SUV and they speed off.

Lorna and Clarice get dressed in uniform as well though they don't know what good the outfits will doing considering their cover will be blown if anyone gets a good look at Clarice's eyes, Lorna's hair or the fact that 3 of them are the same person (Esme, Sophie and Phoebe). Clarice notices the damaged bed frame and presumes it was the work of the Frost Sisters working over Lorna as they tried to do her. Esme claimed that they weren't so different. While Clarice disagrees, Lorna thinks she may have a point in their similarities. Lorna reveals to Clarice that her birth father was apart of the Hellfire Club. So what if he is, Clarice asks. Clarice explains that you don't get born looking like her without having extra X-genes in your family tree. For a while Clarice thought that mattered. She thought that all the bad guys in her family's past made her one too. It took her too long to realize that a tiny spec of DNA doesn't take charge of who you are.

Andy and Lauren stay back at the SUV, where they refuse to even speak to one another after the incident outside of their grandmother's work place. While the Underground is coming to pick them up, Ellen however, won't be going with them. She would only hold them up. Though, she has no intentions on going home either. Ellen has a friend in Boca Raton who lives way out of town and she has enough money to get there. Lauren begins to cry as she explains that they are still the same people they've always been. Ellen says that this isn't true. They're so much more. She then gives Lauren and Andy and hug before parting ways.

The Struckers return to HQ, where Sage informs Reed just how luck his timing was in getting to his mother as Sentinel Services sent another team to her house. However, she's made it out of town so far without them noticing. Trask was only after Ellen though. They've sent agents to anyone whose ever met Otto. Reed tells Sage about the research that his dad worked with, Madeline Risman.

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