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Maverick Ross
Maverick Ross

Godsmack - Under Your Scars [lyrics] ((FREE))

I never had a clear meaning of this song until one day in the car. One of my friends had suffered the loss of a close friend. I did not personally know the friend but I know they were close. After the funeral, we heard this song on the radio. I took his hand as support, and when the song finished, he was shaking and crying. Since that day I interpreted this song as a person who is grieving over the loss of a loved one. They are trying to understand more, and that is leaving them vulnerable. It is a song that tells of the pain of love, and the way it scars you.

Godsmack - Under your scars [lyrics]

He continued: "I think the biggest craving a human being needs to satisfy is the need to be loved, and as corny as that sounds we all carry these scars. What's important is that the connection is strong, and as long as you understand that you're willing to live with these scars, then you don't have to run away when something scares you."

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