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[S1E10] Panic In The Sewers

Meanwhile, April O' Neil tricks the Purple Dragons into taking a bugged Pizza from her, from which she can listen in on their plans with her phone. She comes into the Turtles' lair and they use April's phone to hear the Purple Dragons talking about one of their meetings with the Shredder; the latter has learned from his henchmen that the Turtles home is in the sewers and, apparently, that piece of information is all he needs to know to wipe them out. Splinter, realizing that their home is in jeopardy, reluctantly allows the Turtles to venture up to the surface to find out more about this plan. Outside of the Shredder's hideout, Mikey remarks that they may just be in over their heads because of Splinter's lectures, but Raph disagrees with this, commenting that Mikey is 'always' in over his head. Then, the mutated Chris Bradford rounds a corner and the Turtles suddenly feel the need to panic...just a little. They try to fight him, but their Ninjutsu skills aren't enough to combat his brute strength and the mutant defeats them. Leo is able to throw down a smoke bomb to make their escape and, after they solemnly report back to Splinter, where Mikey nicknames the new Bradford "Dogpound" and Donnie mentions that they might just have to look for another place to hide, but April doesn't want them to give up and volunteers to spy on the Shredder for them, much to Splinter and the Turtles' dismay.

[S1E10] Panic in the Sewers

Leo has a brief panic/anxiety attack when he doesn't know what they should do, but Raph is able to get him out of it after reluctantly saying some qoutes from Space Heroes. Leo decides that they will have to chase the Foot down by using Donnie's new Patrol Buggy, though Donnie tells them that he hasn't finished it yet. Despite this, the Turtles are forced to deal with it. Meanwhile, the Foot Clan spots the tanker that they're after and they quickly and easily hijack it, with Dogpound coercing the driver into getting out. A Foot ninja then drives the tanker away, while Dogpound hangs onto the side of it. He tells the Foot Ninja to call the Shredder and tell him about their success. However, when Dogpound sees the Turtles approaching them, he tells the ninja to hold that call. Meanwhile, Donnie is able to read the name of the acid that the truck is filled with, which is Chlorosulfonic acid. Seeing this, Donnie figures out the Shredder's plan. When mixed with water, that acid reacts violently, so, if it is dumped in the sewers, the whole sewer system will be blown up in seconds, along with their lair and Splinter. Leo suddenly decides to detach Donnie's patrol buggy into four separate karts. Donnie and Raph go after the van to save April, while Mikey and Leo stay on the tanker's trail.

Donnie blinds the Purple Dragon leader with a smoke bomb, while Raph shreds the tires with a ton of Makibishi spikes. After the van has been disabled, two Foot ninjas leap out of the back of the vehicle and fight Raph and Don, but the two turtles defeat them. Fong then jumps out of the front seat with cleavers, but April clocks the gang member with the door of the van. Meanwhile, Leo and Mikey try to stop the tanker with grappling hooks, but, because nothing in the buggy is quite ready, the grappling hooks fall apart. Soon after, the tanker reaches a manhole and Dogpound rips off the cover, throwing it toward Leo and Mikey. Leo engages the beast in battle, while Mikey tries to stop the Foot Ninja that is unraveling the hose to flood the sewers with acid. Mikey is able to defeat the ninja, but Dogpound manages to hold Leo up against the tanker and one of Leo's Katana blades accidentally punctures the tank, which causes a torrent of acid to burst out. Leo, knowing that the chemical reacts violently with water, remembers that Mikey had a water balloon to hit Leo with and tells him to use it to throw at the chemical. Mikey does this, which causes an ignition that destroys the tanker truck. Mikey then strikes Leo with another water balloon, leaving Leo to wonder where his brother is able to keep all of his balloons.

Meanwhile, April is pretending to be a pizza delivery boy in order to sneak a listening device into the Purple Dragons' hideout (as she too is quite aware of the impending danger). When she meets up with the Turtles back in the lair, they quickly use the device (installed under the Pizza box) to overhear the gang conversing about The Shredder's newly dispatched plan to destroy the Turtles' home way down in the sewers. Seeing that their home is now in great jeopardy, Splinter reluctantly allows the Turtles to go topside and find out what The Shredder's plan possibly is.

With Dogpound being the field-leader, he leaves the building with his small team, although he manages to hear April and Leo talking on their two phones. He catches April and instantaneously kidnaps her and tosses her directly into the van, and the Turtles are unable to come to her rescue quiet in time. Leo begins to panic, but Raph quickly snaps him out of it by reluctantly quoting a line from Space Heroes. The Turtles then chase after Dogpound's van in Donnie's incomplete yet relatively operational Patrol Buggy. Dogpound and his team then pursue a certain tanker truck on the street known as Houston. They easily catch up to it and Dogpound successfully stops it, before breaking the door in half, discarding it, and tyrannizing the driver into leaving. Just as he's about to order one of the foot ninjas to call Shredder, the Turtles appear in the buggy and Dogpound is greatly surprised to see them there. A big chase soon ensues, during which Donnie reads the name of the chemical on the back of the truck and appears to have figured out The Shredder's atrocious plan. The tanker is full of chlorosulfonic acid, which is currently being viewed as largely abhorrent because it reacts violently with water. If it gets poured into the sewers, it will incinerate their lair within some seconds, including Splinter.

Mikey and Leo finally catch up to the tanker truck, and they then take on Dogpound (who takes off a sewer lid and throws it at them), but they are unable to defeat him and he proves to be their better yet again. They smoke bomb away, and they then catch sight one of the Foot Ninjas both taking out and putting an extendable hose into the sewers. Leo quickly orders Mikey to try and stop him, which he does, while Leo attempts to provide a big distraction for Dogpound, which unfortunately results in Leo being grabbed by the arm and one of his Katana blades puncturing the tanker. However, Leo quickly remembers what Donnie said about the chemical and tells Mikey to throw the water balloon that he was going to hit Leo with. Mikey chooses to cooperate and throws the balloon. It flies up and slants downward, hitting it's mark, which causes the entire truck to explode. Leo is about to congratulate Mikey when the latter throws yet another water balloon in his face, much to Leo's surprise.

For fifteen years, four mutant Turtles and their rodent sensei have lived a secret life beneath the sewers of New York. Coming to the surface for the first time, the Turtles soon find their day out interrupted as a young girl and her father become the targets of mysterious, and dangerous, men...

The Turtles encountered the mutant Bradford during a spying mission. He overwhelmed them, forcing them to retreat. Mikey named him "Dogpound" after this, and all the Turtles called him that from then on. Later, Dogpound led the Foot's scheme to steal a tanker of acid that reacts violently with water, planning to destroy the sewers with it. After a protracted battle, Mikey uses a water balloon to ignite the leaking acid, blasting Dogpound away. Dogpound reported this failure to the Shredder, who sliced off one of his shoulder spikes as punishment.[5]

The SWAT team prepares to head into the sewers beneath the prison to extract Mike and Ian. Mike tells the police that he thinks the prisoners are after payback. Meanwhile, Milo breaks into the guards' lockers in search of a uniform to wear and Kyle has a panic attack in the sewers. When some prisoners pass, he hyperventilates and gives away his position, so the SWAT team takes the inmates out. Instead of leading the injured and traumatized men out of the prison, however, Robert leads them deeper in -- telling Kyle and Ian that if they don't face the inmates now they'll regret it. It's a clearly toxic mentality that fits in well with Kingstown, obsessed with not justice but rather punishment and revenge.

The SWAT team prepares to head into the sewers beneath the prison to extract Mike and Ian. Mike tells the police that he thinks the prisoners are after payback. Meanwhile, Milo breaks into the guards' lockers in search of a uniform to wear and Kyle has a panic attack in the sewers. As some prisoners pass, calling out for them, Kyle hyperventilates and gives away their position. As the prisoners train their guns at the pair of detectives, the SWAT team fires and takes the inmates out. 041b061a72


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